Is there anyone on this site living in or not too far from my area (Grantham) and can help me choose a hospital for my first appointment with a Cardiologist? I have been given a list of hospitals to choose from and it's very difficult. Between them they have waiting times of between 15 to 19 weeks, but it's more important to choose a good Consultant, remembering that I have to continue to visit my chosen hospital for all further appointments/treatments. Not every Consultant has data concerning the operations he/she has carried out, and I will (most likely) have to have some kind of surgery in the near future. I have such a wide choice open to me...including Lincoln, Boston, Stamford, Leicester and on earth do I choose?

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  • Ideally you need to see an elctrophysiologist rather than a plain old cardiologist. There is a list be area on AF Association website under patient information.

  • Definitely see an EP. There isn't a selection just for EPs so sort by AF ablation. You will loose a few EPs who don't do them but that's minor. I know that someone from near Grantham was at St Bartholomew's in London.

  • If you live in Grantham, don't forget London. Prof Schiiling is in London I believe, if you can go private for the first appointment then go back on the NHS.

  • He is at st Bartholemews (Barts) for NHS.

  • Don't worry if these hospitals aren't on the list you were given. You can go to other hospitals and in particular because of seeing an EP rather than a general cardiologist.

  • I know Papworth can be a long haul from Grantham, but this is the place I would choose. not as far as London and off the beaten track, depending on the way you are travelling.

  • Hi. I live near Lincoln but went to cardiologist in Grimsby (waiting times) a couple if years ago. Started with SVT and then AF. I was refered to Barts in London Prof Schilling.

    He did the ablation for SVT which seems to have been successful. However I have still had some AF and I have been back since and had a AV Clip fitted also at Barts. Apart from the travel issues they were great.

  • Hi clanmaggie , I live near Norwich, and just looked up the distance from Grantham to Papworth which is 55 miles all on the A1 they say, from Norwich to Papworth is 74 miles which use to take us 1hour 15 mins, its a great hospital , with guest houses in the village,wife stayed at one 5 min walk away, and also good if you have an early appointment to stay over night. Wishing you all the best,


  • Prof Ng and his team at Leicester Glenfield hospital are brilliant. Always at the end of the phone or you can send them an e mail if you have any concerns.

  • I saw a Dr Arif Ahsan at the Trent Cardiac Unit, Nottingham. I had a ablation over two years ago and have been very pleased with the treatment I received and the result. I believe there are also two other EPs at the hospital.

  • Mr Ashen was excellent with me. I live in Lincoln and the journey to the City Hospital was easy. Just waiting now for my ablation.

  • Thank you so much, everyone, for your replies. It really has been very helpful. I'll take an in depth look at all the information I can find on the relevant sites and, along with the information you've given me, I am feeling more confident that I'll get to the right place. I'm so pleased I found this site!

  • Hi

    I am just back from a fun day out at Papworth at the valve service centre and got a check over and exercise test.

    Reckon it it would be an hours drive down the A1 from Grantham via A14 and A1198 Ermine street , or how about following ermine street all the way. I think very difficult by public transport though. If you;ve not got a car London would be no more difficult an probably a not much longer if going by train.

    My AF journey started out at the Peterborough City Hospital A&E last August and the docs diagnosed AF straight off and then referred to Papworth.

    In my case they have decided the trigger for the AF is a floppy flap

    Hope that helps

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