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How best to choose a clinic/hospital (in London) for A-Fib treatment?

I have had permanent (chronic) A-Fib for about 2 1/2 years and take a rate control medication (bisoprolol) and warfarin. I am not considered a suitable candidate for cardioversion for several reasons including my age (75).

My GP has referred me to a consultant for an update and further advice. The way things work these days I have a choice of 5 north London hospitals and would appreciate help in deciding which one to go to. I'd find it very helpful to hear opinions on the quality of cardiological care (esp for A-Fib) at each of the hospitals or advice on what information to look for about the units that will help me make a good choice.

The hospitals I can choose from are (1) North Middlesex, (2) Barnet, (3) Edgware, (4) Whittington, and (5) Royal Free.


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As I understand it, you can be referred to any hospital you wish within the NHS . I was referred to a London hospital from Lincolnshire. Good luck, Teresa.


Thanks. Yes I thought that might be the case, but that makes it even harder to choose! But is does expand my question -- what hospital do people recommend?


Really hard to say unless you have personal experience of them, I haven't of any of those. The AFA have a list of all the EP specialists and information about which hospitals they work from. I began my research and chose my EP based on on their experience, how many ablations they had completed, what sort of training and where they had trained, the hospital facilities and convenience. Worked for me.

Don't know if that helps?


I'd recommend the Hammersmith or St Marys EP department run by Imperial College Healthcare trust.

Privately, there is Dr Wyn Davies at The Harley Street Clinic.

Good luck


I had my cyro ablation done in 2012 by Dr Wyn Davis at the Hammersmith Hospital on the NHS and I was 75years


I had ablation at st Thomas'. I saw dr mark O'Neill who was very good. Remember to choose an ep, not just a cardiologist. Good luck


Thanks to all who have been kind enough to write. It's all helpful even if a bit complicated. I started by looking at the AFA list -- there are over 40 names on it of people based in London -- and looking to see how many each hospital lists. (Bart's and Royal Brompton lead wit 8 each, St Mary's next with five). This only gives me a start on prioritizing which hospitals to look at in more detail rather than providing an easy answer. When I was first referred for evaluation about 2 1/2 years ago I didn't see a consultant cardiologist on any of my visits -- saw registrars and "Gypsies" (GPs wit Special Interests in...). Hard to know where I'd be likely to see the man man/woman!


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