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Post ablation

I had an cryo ablation 3 days ago at Whipps Cross hospital London .Excellent team, had sedation didn't feel anything, only small bruise. I used to be in AF about every 3 wks for about 17 hrs just taking warfarin, I will have to wait a couple of wks to find out if it has been successful, the Dr seemed to think it had gone well.It was hard for me to be a patient as I was a cardiac technician in a cath lab 30 yrs ago!! but great advances in equipment. They warned me of physical complications but not the mental effects of the morphine and other sedation drugs . This may just be me but have had a low irritable mood which is just lifting but a small price to pay if it has got rid of the AF. Just hoping that it has !

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Just be warned that you may also get migraine aura for a few weeks. Something to do with the transeptal puncture, It takes AT LEAST three months for the heart to form the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses so a lot can happen in that time and you most likely will get some odd rhythms for a while so don't worry. All normal! Regardless of what anybody may say take it easy for at least a fortnight. I worked out that once the bruises in the groin start to fade then the heart is beginning to heal.


Thank you for your helpful reply .The Dr said there was a difficult transseptal as needle kept riding up the septum, so I will watch out for any migraine aura symptoms. I am a 74 yr old female so I will be taking it easy with the help of my husband. You provide a great service on this site as we get so little advice from the drs.

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Let's hope it works for you and your system returns swiftly to its usual state. It must have been a very interesting experience to be back in the cath lab.

I like the name!

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