One Week Post Ablation - haematoma

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post about my fear of not having a general anaesthetic for the procedure. Luckily it was under GA :). Just as well as I found out I had a TOE which I would have not coped with under sedation. I have had a couple of episodes of AF since but last in less than an hour so I am hoping this doesn't mean failure. But I do have a lump on my wrist where the arterial catheter was removed, I am assuming it is a haematoma which will resolve itself. Has anyone else experienced this? It's about 1cm in diameter. I am just wondering how long it will take to dissolve.

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  • Sounds normal to me. Mine took about a month to go completely. You will get some odd rhythms for the first three to six months and it doesn't mean the ablation hasn't worked. That is normal as well.

    Rest plenty


  • Thanks Bob, I will try to stop examining my lump every hour! And will rest more. It is tempting to do too much when your heart feels ok. But healing takes time, you are right resting is the best way to give the healing the best chance.

  • Yes. That happened to me took ages to go about the same size to it became quite hard then it went

  • I won't panic then, I will try to be patient :)

  • Thanks for commenting; a week later and the lump is getting smaller, so I think the same is happening to me :)

  • Great xx

  • good to hear all went well

    rest a lot now!

  • Warm compresses over the site will help it resolve more quickly.

  • I was told ice pack when I had something similar.

  • when you want something to re-absorb into the tissue, the warm compresses increase the blood supply to the area to help it happen. when you have an acute situation where you don't want a hematoma to form, you use ice to decrease the amount of fluid in the tissue.

  • " when you have an acute situation where you don't want a hematoma to form, you use ice to decrease the amount of fluid in the tissue"

    I don't get that. How do you know if a hematoma is going to form?

  • If there has been an injury to any area where you don't want swelling, ice can help stop it. For instance, If there was a lot of bleeding at the site of an arterial line that was removed then ice at the time would have been a good thing to stop the bleeding to the area. Same as with an acute injury. For instance if you blow out your knee, you put ice on it to keep too much blood and fluid to accumulate there. Once there is already an accumulation like a hematoma somewhere then the warm compresses help to disperse it. Hope that helps.

  • Yes, thank you.

  • Hi there, I had a massive bruise on the underside of my wrist which took about two weeks plus to totally go changing from every colour of the rainbow lol ,also had swelling to the top of my hand and a smaller bruise , five weeks on and all gone now hope you have a speedy recovery cheers Paul

  • Thanks Paul; I have the massive bruises too! Glad to hear all is well with you after 5 weeks :)

  • Hi Suzanne , I'm having a few runs of a slow faster rhythm at the mo I've talked to arythmia nurse and they seem to think its normal and not af of apart from that not too bad thanks hope your bruising is fading away now cheers Paul 😊

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