Antidepressants and beta blockers

I am wIting to hear the report from my last cardio clinic as to what beta blockers they propose to put me on to control all the various bangs and crashes that go on in my heart. At the same time my GP wants to put me on antidepressants (I won't go into it all!). As I am experiencing benign paroxysmal postural disorder that won't shift so consequently am nauseous and giddy a lot of the time how on earth am I going to know what is side effect and what is condition? Anybody else take beta blockers and anti depressants ?

In desparation




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  • Hi Steph

    Are you on any tablets for your AF at the moment. I am on a betablocker bisprolol and also Diltiazem (think thats a channel blocker) and Ramipril plus a NOAC. I am also at the moment on a very mild dose of Citlopram an anti depressant, and I mean a very low dose 10mg (doctor wanted me on 20mg but I am not a great fan of them so I have stayed with low dose). I normally cope okay with stress but my mother died in January and the family are being torn apart becuase of one of my sisters, and everything is just a mess. I have been fine with this combination after I go t used to the Citlopram after about 5 weeks. I ask if you are already on medications because if you are about to take heart medication for the first there may be side effets from these and some of the side effects may be simmilar with the heart tablets, so you will not really know what may be causing what. The medications that you are given, read the side effects very carefully to see if any are similar. It would be best to ask a consultant or ep about the meds.


  • That's very helpful, thank you. I had antidepressants a couple of years ago after my mum died and they did help and I came off them and coped fine until fairly recently but everything seems to be falling apart at the moment health wise.. I think I will wait until I have been on the beta blockers for a bit before I consider the antidepressants.



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