Natural Beta Blockers

I wonder, for those people that cannot tolerate beta blockers, should they also pay attention to natural beta blockers. Ten of these are: bananas, pomegranates, passion flower, chamomile tea, turkey, potatoes, oatmeal, broccoli, valerian root, and tuna. I think, for me, they can have a negative influence. Thinking back, these foods could have been the cause of AF issues. I will now pay more attention each time I eat these. May be I need to avoid or reduce the consumption of some of them.

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  • EngMac, I am so curious as to why you think these (mostly) healthy foods are the cause of your AF? Things like oatmeal, bananas, broccoli, and potatoes are filled with nutrients that are so heart healthy. We are all different, but generally speaking it's a pretty great list of foods with potassium, fiber, and other nutrients that contribute to healthy blood vessels and good blood pressure. My EP, as well as the President of the American College of Cardiology believe that all animal products contribute to heart disease and advise avoiding, but the rest are things that I eat almost every day and they make my heart happy! Wishing you perfect health!

  • They are high in amines. Some people ( including me) can be very sensitive to them. I had in the past AF after consuming food high in amines.

  • Oooh. Just had a quick google. Had never heard of Amine intolerance before. HEY HO.

    Oh heard another new word today totally unconnected - Cyberchondria - used by a GP in a soap

  • there is nothing like a quick google to satisfy the mind but I find a single google is never enough.

  • Is that the same as googlechondria?

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