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Beta blockers in lone AF


My husband has paroxysmal lone AF, 3 events in 7 years and is on beta blockers, they have recently changed his beta blocker, but what I am wondering is should he be on one at all. He is in sinus rhythm and it I lone AF?

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We can't comment on drug regimes since we are not medically trained BUT beta blockers will help keep the heart rate down which may be stabilising it sufficiently that AF events are being avoided.

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I can only tolerate half a 1.25 tablet per day because of my low heart rate, but without that half tablet I have more frequent AF with LBBB, so am happy to take this small amount. You could, with your cardiologist agreement try stopping your dose, but you should be prepared for the possibility of more frequent episodes of AF.

Good luck!


Sorry, confused,

In your last post 4 months ago you mentioned you had lone AF with 3 events in 7 years. Now your husband has the same?

Are we talking about you or your husband?

It's a tricky one. I have had lone PAF since 2012 and experience 2 to 3 episodes a year, each one lasting approx 12 hours. I was initially put on 2.5mg daily bisoprolol, but cut it myself with my GPs authorization to 1.25mg early this year because I thought my resting pulse was too low. I once recorded it at 39, but more typically it is in the low 50s. Lowering my dose doesn't seem to have made much difference and my GP did recommend coming off it. I have been reluctant to that because I am happy the way things are to the moment and don't want to do anything that tips the apple cart.

I understand the dilemma Alan_G. I have only had two attacks so far, the last one way back in july. I've been on 1.25mg Bisoprolol since November, and will never know if I could have done without them. I'm not taking the chance though, as I seem to tolerate that dose quite well. At 2.5mg, I too had a resting heart rate too low for peace of mind.

I have paroxysmal AF, with an episode every 8-12 weeks. I only have bisoprolol and flecainide as pills-in-pocket for use when an episode comes on. My cardio did suggest daily bisoprolol, but my normal heart rate is generally under 60, so he is happy for me to only use a beta-blocker when the AF kicks in, which suits me well.

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