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Talk about Ablation

Hi everyone

Just to let you know that our support group- (meets in Epsom Hospital at 4.45pm on 6th July)- is going to have Dr Bajpai , who does ablation at St George's hospital, to talk about Ablation for AF and other arrhythmias this month.

Everyone is welcome- Epsom is 30 minutes by train from Waterloo and the hospital is approx 15 minutes walk from the station.

Any questions can be asked after the talk

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Is there a similar group in Manchester?


I don't know but the AF association posts group details on there site so you could see if anything is near you


Hoping to attend this event with hopefully an answer and advice from those in the know on how I can get a referral to an EP....


Look forward to seeing you- we meet in conference room 1, 2nd floor of the Wells wing in the post graduate medical centre. You will be able to ask Dr Bajpai about EPs and ablation. Also, some patients can let you know what they have planned re ablation


Have you asked your GP?


I have asked and was told "there was no route possibly for referral to an EP and if there was the need my cardiologist would have recommended it"...then I moved to another doctor within the same surgery and was greeted by an almost identical answer...


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