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Flecainide and pacs

I have PAF that at least for now is presaged by frequent PACs, brought on by adrenaline. I take a low dose metoprolol and was recently prescribed flecainide, which I haven't taken yet. Will flec suppress the PACs or only the resulting AF? The PACs are very bothersome to me and anxiety about them, especially when they come every other beat or so, helps to precipitate the AF.

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I also suffer from ectopics and currently take 150mg of Flecainide daily and it hasn't managed to stop them. I too find them very miserable and anxiety definitely makes them worse. However, many of us have been able to get massive relief from them by doing a simple breathing exercise recommended by Dr Gupta. The link to the relevant post is below and involves slowing breathing to 6 breaths per minute for at least 5 minutes. It has worked each time for me.

Hope it does the same for you.


Thanks finvola, I will have a look. There is a breathe easy regimen from Australia that supposedly can help too but haven't tried that yet either.


I suffer from constant ectopics which have been mainly stopped by taking rhythm control drugs. I guess that if you've had it prescribed, then worth a try?


Thanks koll, I will try it, with caution. Btw, this forum is outstanding, everyone is so helpful.


My PACs are almost completely controlled by flecanide but I am on 150mg twice a day which is a high dose. X


Thanks dedeottie, I read about your latest ablation experience and I hope you keep AF at bay for a long time with flec!

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Hi mincde, Breathe in 1,2,3,4,5 Breathe out 1,2,3,4,5 - repeat 6 times. This seems to work for me when my PAC's are bothersome and anxiety inducing.




Thanks Musetaa, I will try this next time the beast rears up!


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