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PVC's and PAC's when not in AF - normal?

Hello again :)

So, I got my ECG machine yesterday and have been trying it out quite a bit.

I am mostly in NSR, occasionally I see PACs, and my latest graph shows PVCs every 2, 3 or 4 normal beats.

I haven't been in constant AF for 3 weeks but have had 2 brief AF attacks in the last 2 weeks.

Just wondering if these PACs and PVCs are "normal" for me, or should I be worried?

Are they a sign of an approaching AF attack maybe?

Many thanks, Julian

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Hi - I was told that PACs, ectopics etc was the heart attempting to go into AF and failing - so that may be good news?

However, if you are symptomatic with so many and/orPVCs then I would be seeking Medical advice.

Why not show the trace to your GP and discuss at your next appointment.

It is easy to get a little too focused on looking at ECGs when you first get a gadget but remember that most PACs and ventricular ectopics are benign, unless you are symptomatic, tired all the time, breathless, overly aware of your heartbeat.

Anxiety will always be a factor as well so look after yourself, try the breathing exercises and see if that helps and ignore the machine for a while unless you want to capture something you feel.

Best wishes CD.


yep, my EP told me the same following my ablation in April. trying to go in to AF but failing. Hopefully it keeps failing


I've read some people say EPs have told them ectopics are the heart trying to go into AF, and others have been told that ectopics are categorically not related to AF.

Mine didn't seem to suggest a link between them, but I didn't ask explicitly


I get ectopics when my body is stressed in some way and AF in the same circumstances! So who knows?


I've had ectopics off coffee, exercise, and stress. These things have never turned into AF for me.

What a stupid, inconsistent condition it is


May I ask what ECG machine you're using at home? I'd love to be able to record my episodes as well if possible and share worth my cardiologist.

Thank you!


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