Urinary infection - lots of blood in urine

Just about to go out, visited the loo and urine like strawberry squash (more than rose!) I was really alarmed. I checked my INR - fine at 2.9.

I am so very thankful for this site. I found lots of references to blood in urine, so having established that warfarin in itself was unlikely to cause this I took myself off to the local clinic (in Spain) to get checked out. The first thing was a urine sample and then I showed the doctor the result of my INR test that morning. Two days of powerful antibiotics and everything is back to normal. I didn't find out what was wrong but assume it was a urinary infection. No symptoms at all apart from going to the loo more frequently.

Worth knowing the possible side effects (for warfarin users).

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  • cystitis is nasty like that. Well done on your quick thinking.

  • I have 2 elderly friends who both developed signs of being confused. Both were eventually discovered to have urinary infections.

  • Even we men get things like that. I have twice had severe ones that although not causing confusion everything went round and I passed out one time ending up wedged between a table and a chair and unable to get up . Each time I spent hours sweating and shivering. One evening time my wife took a urine sample to the out of hours GP based at the hospital and got a prescription for an antibiotic that quickly settled it. The other time on a Sunday I managed to get there by taxi.

  • Really interesting about the confusion - must remember that with my mum (95 this year) who frequently gets urinary infections.

  • Hi Irene, I would normally have written more but the phone rang and I submitted quickly so as not to lose what I had written.

    A friend who is a retired matron confirmed to me that confusion in old folks can often be linked to uninary infection.

    It's certainly something to consider.

  • Glad its all sorted Irene, on a humorous connected note I like beetroot and it gets me everytime as I forget I have eaten it and some hours later I go for a pee and think "Oh no". PS I am working on reducing anxiety levels!!

  • I like beetroot too, but this was much more colourful!

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