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Today I had an appointment with the new dentist.. within the first 2 mins I knew It was going to be ok. He took my form, brought my meds up, mentioned the adrenalin and told me I have highlighted the AF and adrenalin in 3 places so nobody misses it. That was all before I mentioned my previous experience. I asked him did he know what AF was and yep he did, his aunt had it lived until she was in her 90's and then went onto tell me exactly what he Knew about it. Totally restored my faith. He went through everything and was so patient. I have sent off the infomation on my last one to NHS England and will let everyone know the outcome. Thank you for your help and support over the last few weeks. It is appreciated.

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  • Thank you for the update, Sapphy. Your new dentist sounds good - best wishes with your treatment from now on.

  • Thank you, it was a relief to find somebody who told me about AF .

  • Brilliant news.

  • Thank you, he was impressive.

  • Just as it should be.

  • lets hope the other one gets educated after all this Bob

  • What a relief, hope the treatment is as effective.

  • Thank you, the sooner its over and I can move on the better.

  • Terrific! Power to us AFibbers .

  • thank you, think we need to stand up for ourselves and not be intimadated by the 'professionals'.

  • The dentists maybe professionals in their area but not experts on all medical aspects.

    On one visit to my GP she had a medical student shadowing her. She said to the student that Peter has permanent AF (I corrected to persistent AF) and he knows far more about AF than I do. If a go can admit that a dentist should do that even more so!!!!

  • Totally agree they should say if they don't know.. I had to see an emergency dentist when visiting with my son. He was unsure of the Dabigatran and refused to do anything until he found out more about it.

  • Delighted !

  • thank you Elaine

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