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Going to the Dentist

Hello please can you help. Someone posted on here that they went to the dentist and had anesthetic injection to have work done and it started their AF of...

Loads of you helped by letting them know that there is an alternative to this aesthetic injection. Please can you let me know as I have a dentist appointment and I have to have a filling. This is because I have a bad cough and infection at the moment and I bought some over the counter cough med and it's got a mild form of anesthetic in it which gave me irregular heart beats and was told by my doctor and pharmacist not to ever take anything like that ever again. The pharmacist also advised me to be careful at the dentist cause the aesthetic injection they use can also set AF of or give you irregular heart beats. So please if you remember then can you tell me what the alternative is. As I do need the filling done. Oh by the way I have rand my dentist and told him but I like to know and be prepared. Thank you.

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The novacaine they use often has adrenaline in it to reduce blood flow in the area and adrenaline might exacerbate AF. There are adrenaline free versions which are recommended.



Thank you Bob :) as you can imagine that cause I got irregular heart beats with this cough med which was a funny feeling and quite frightening. I asked my husband to get this cough mixture from a supermarket pharmacist area, and he said I told the pharmacist that you were on beta blockers and Asprin type meds and the pharmacist said it was ok. I told my husband that did you tell him my wife has AF he said no cause I thought he would know from your meds you are taking.... I did say no cause loads of people are on beta blockers for different things. But all is ok now turns out I had viral laryngitis that turned in to a upper respiratory infection so am on antibiotics. So my pharmacist told me be careful don't take anything without asking him or the doctor. That's why I remembers the dentist. So than you.


Wow. My doctor told me never to take anything without contacting him/ surgery first. Only paracetamol if needed. I've just been to the dentist for 2 fillings and he was aware of my a fib and meds and all was well. Good luck


My dentist gives me Citenest injections now as I had a very bad reaction to the adrenaline injections.


If you're having an extraction, remember to get your INR checked first. My dentist said anything above 2.7 is too high.


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