Back from hols

Was a bit apprehensive about going far away for the first time since being diagnosed with AF - but trip to NYC and Mexico went well. Did have an episode in NYC but not too bad, so went out to dinner. Quite enjoyed drinking non alcoholic cocktails in MexicošŸ˜œ

As you all say AF does change your life (I hardly drink any alcohol now) but perhaps sometime a change of lifestyle is what is needed. Had a great time.

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  • Good for you! Don't let AF run your life. Make the lifestyle changes you need to be well!

  • So reassuring to hear you were ok and had a great time. I am just back from France haven't really travelled in three years frightened of being on a flight and getting onto trouble. A short flight and fine no alcohol or eating too late. Meds did the job however came home with a painful knee!........we have to get on with life.

  • Gertsen

    I have just returned from a cycling holiday in Italy. Not been abroad for nearly two years and last time I was away I didn't drink any alcohol. This time I managed to get away with the odd small glass of wine accompanied by plenty of water. After a big meal late in the evening I did wake up with my heart racing slightly, but fortunately I wasn't in AF. Although I felt anxious about going away I think that we can't let AF rule our lives and just have to try to be sensible whilst we are on holiday. Glad to hear others are doing the same.

    Best wishes, Sam

  • So pleased for you. I've not long returned from a week in Kos, my first holiday since being diagnosed at the end of last year. I was nervous abou travelling on my own but all was OK and I had a lovely restful time. Flight was no problem, I ate a healthy Mediterranean diet and stayed off alcohol, together with being away from work I ended up feeling better than I do at home!

  • So pleased to hear this as I too am apprehensive about a trip I have coming up in November to India. This is booked and I shall be letting a friend down if I cannot go.

    Its a full on trip of two weeks involving three internal flights and 2 days in the countryside away from any kind of hospital or medical centre.

    This is all new to me and I have been on this wonderful site ever since I was put onto Apixoban a week ago. I am hoping to hear from others who have been on long haul trips.

    Its taking the risk isn't it but my feeling too is I cannot let this horrible condition stop me from travelling.

    Well done you!

  • Lovely to hear people are enjoying their hols. I haven't been away since I was diagnosed last autumn. I have had an ablation, but, unfortunately, am still having 'wobbles'. Thankfully, no full on AF though. So I am not sure what to do this year, whether to go abroad or stick with the UK. I enjoy coach tours, and fancy Greece.

  • Yes enjoy your hols . Everyone deserves a break . My doctor said its the stress and apprehension that can bring on an attack . Driving round the M25 is worse than flying . And what's the worst that can happen ? We're all taking our meds , keeping hydrated and eating sensibility . I drink the odd glass of wine as its not a trigger for me . I won't let A F rule my life . Everything in moderation as my mum used to say . I work for an airline and travel every 6 weeks . Spent 2 weeks on a remote island in Fiji back in March where there was no hospital ! Just a medical centre . I had a stroke 2 years ago when I was in Hawaii so I'm living every day to the full


  • I'm on 10 mg of bisphrol and 10 mg apixaban I stopped smoking when I was diagnosed with AF but I still have a drink not red wine though I have drank and not had AFs so come to the conclusion that all my AFs have happened doing nothing so why not have a drink as long as it's not too excessive I tried a few cocktails on holiday a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed them with no after effects

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