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Med hols


Hi I go away in 4 weeks time abroad and going to be hot getting a bit worried in case I go in AF while I am away as I have been lucky up to now and not had AF for 1 year 8 months I am only on Apixaban nothing else but thinking of asking doctor to let me take some tablets with me that put my heart back ok I would go see a doctor there and just say this is what put it back last time or do I put up with it till I get home what do you all think has anyone been abroad with AF or come on while they was away if so what did you do

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Stay well hydrated and enjoy your holiday. Don't over do things in the sunshine and I'm sure it will be all OK.

Your GP is not normally allowed to prescribe anti arrhythmic drugs like Flecainide which has to be authorised by a consultant so you may be optimistic thinking about that but if you are happy with beta blockers he may be able to help. Positive thought is important at all times.

Hi Sue, my AF comes and goes as it pleases, ive just returned from a week in Spain which was min 30c each day. As mentioned by Bob I just drank lots of water and didn't over eat or get too tired and all was well. It's definitely more of a mental hurdle in my opinion, AF knocks your confidence and causes anxiety which in turn makes you keep thinking your going to have an episode... I listened to a app each night by Andrew Johnson and it helps you to relax, its on the play store and apple store. Keep a positive mind and try not to worry. Best of luck 👍

Thankyou djbgatekeeper I feel a bit better now

Glad you went on hols and all was ok Big confidence booster

Maybe watch the alcohol intake too, I don’t want to be a party pouper, but you don’t want AF and it can be a major trigger for some folk. Just relax and enjoy the holiday, make sure your travel insurance is up to date and purely as a precaution, find out if there is suitable medical centre nearby but you WONT need it....if you’ve been OK for 20 months, why shouldn’t it continue......send us a card...😉

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I don’t drink wine any more I stop as read it could set it off I have decaf tea and coffee I have not had wine for 1 year and 2 months been good I drink j2 o but thanks flapjack I will let you know how it went

When I get back

The tables I was put on to bring my heart back in to beat was digoxin then when it went back ok got taken off them and just left on Apixaban all time for life but was going to ask my doctor for some digoxin to take with me just incase and if I go in Af I would go see doctor abroad and show him the tables and see what he says I carnt take beater blockers as have asma or I could just take a letter with me from my doctor saying that’s what they gave me

Enjoy your holiday Sue :-) I would say take the same sensible precautions you would take at home most of them mentioned above with the addition of get plenty of sleep.

If AF strikes stay calm/lay down somewhere cool and quiet and do slow breathing exercises. If in doubt go to a hospital, make sure you locate the nearest when you arrive so you are prepared.

I wouldn't want to take any meds I wasn't already used to in case of side effects.

Incidentally, I have asthma and take the beta blocker Nebivolol which is often well tolerated by asthmatics. It helps to keep my heart rate down so if I go into AF it is kept in check.

Doodle68 I have been on digoxin befor and have been ok on them but I will

Keep that beta blocker in mind if I ever go in to Af again I will ask my doctor about that one after my hols

Lucky you. I wish I was going somewhere this year :).

Just be sensible, relax and avoid any known triggers. Don't over-eat and stay well-hydrated. There's no reason that your situation over the last 20 months should change - its been unseasonably hot here over the last month or more so I'm sure you'll be fine.

Enjoy yourself and have a nice holiday.

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Thankyou I will try nice to hear what advice others give I feel a lot better hearing thing from others

And in case you are still in 2 minds - just take a peek at the post after yours.......and he has already answered you.

I would only add -

The worst part for me is the travel to and fro - it used to be part of the excitement but is now cause for anxiety, especially if flying as I find negotiating the airport the worst - so I would suggest you ask for airport assistance - you don’t have to be in a wheelchair but you they will escort you round the back and MUCH shorter way and it takes away a lot of the stress.

I think it is a good precaution to take meds with you

Also some deep breathing and relaxation to help settle early signs..


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Hi Lily please could you tell me how to do some deep breathing and relaxation exercises or where I could learn them. Cheers

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Hi there

I found a very helpful site. I think it is called ‘Breath Works’ started by Vidyamala Birch.

They do courses. But it is possible to download or buy CD. Very simple way to learn helpful breathing technique. Her work began wanting to help people manage physical pain....but includes relaxation for anxiety. Found it a great help when I was really low with AF.


Well researched, very practical.

I liked to listen and follow on the CD ...very supportive.

Hope it helps

I am sure you could find it or similar on U-tube.

Good luck

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Hi Lily, thank you for your kind reply, I have become very anxious since being told that I have AF. I worry about every little thing. Cheers Gladie. xx.

Hi Sue. Don't worry about an episode if you are in Europe. I had my first episode while on holiday in France. I went to the local hospital and the treatment was fantastic. I was really frightened as this hadn't happened before. Even the local hospital had a full cardio team available and if they had been concerned I would have been transferred to a specialist cardiac unit a few miles away.

I was assessed, diagnosed and treated. Once the A fib stopped, my husband was given a prescription to take to the local pharmacy. We had to pay for the medications but it wasn't expensive and the doctors then made sure that I understood how to take the tablets before sending me home telling me to have a good holiday.

Make sure you have an up to date EHIC to show the hospital, and take your passport with you. Weeks later the hospital sent a bill for 30 Euros which we were able to claim back.

We have used the system in France several times, grandson broke collar bone, granddaughter an ear infection and have found it superb, similarly in Spain.

As others have said, take the same care looking after yourself abroad that you do at home, and try not to worry. Have a great holiday.

Thankyou Flossie 72 that makes me feel a lot better what is EHIC

An EHIC is your European Health Insurance Card. You should carry it whenever you are in Europe as it gives you guaranteed free treatment as the European countries have a reciprocal arrangement with the UK. I'm afraid I cant remember where I got it from, - local Social Security Office originally I think. Check it out online.

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Thankyou I have got one off them I found it with my pass port

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Check the validity - they don't last for very long!

I write this from Zion National Park in Utah where the temperature has been upper 30s, even 40, and I came prepared with my PIP (flecainide) and am taking my daily dose of 1.25 bisoprolol and warfarin. No episodes and the thing that has given me the most discomfort is carrying 6+ bottles of chilled water! Normally I never drink water but I don't want to take any risks. And at the risk of TMI, my son-in-law drank 4 litres of water on a 4-hour hike today, and peed a tiny amount - once!

I remember some members of the forum came from this area, and you are so fortunate, I am overawed by the beauty of Arizona and Utah.

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That would get me when out and about in this heat and when I go on holiday drinking water I have keep visiting little girls room and that might be a job on its own finding one when abroad

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