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Ahh ablation date finally :)

I've been waiting for a while and am now on 10mg of bisoprolol which most days just about handles my symptoms but I still have my normal wonkiness just not quite as bad. My question for you guys is about recovery, I don't know which type of ablation I will have yet I have the pre op in a week. I have seen that people say don't do anything for a week and not much for the week after. I was wondering what that will mean? I have two small kids so would normally have school run even if I'm off work. I was wondering if I would be able to manage collection in the second week. I was hoping you could share what type of activity you were able to do so I can start trying to make plans. Many thanks Elaine

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Elaine you will not be allowed to drive for at least two days if not seven and don't forget that you will need somebody to bring you home from hospital . Nothing for the first week means TV remote only. Prepare lots of frozen meals and just sit and watch the wallpaper. Second week you may be able to do the school run if you take it easy the rest of the time. be guided by your body and if you feel tired then jolly well rest even if there is fluff all over the floor and washing up in the sink. Good opportunity to start training the kids! You can sit and watch them washing up!

Don't expect to feel "normal" whatever that used to be for a month or two either. Your heart will have been assaulted pretty badly even though you will not have a giant zip up your chest so take it easy.


Thanks loads bob that's really helpful


Elaine, I've had 3 ablations and from my experience if you just make sure that your heavier housework / chores are up-to-date and then do the minimum for the first week, although i still cooked evening meals. There is a limit to how long I can sit in a chair......

Second week I was out and about doing weekly shop and minimal housework ( good excuse )

I would have thought thst you would be perfectly ok to do the school run in the second week but wait and see how you feel . Perhaps have some contingency arrangements ?

Hope everything goes well for you

Best Wishes



Same as Yatsura - I've had to put the stoppers on as I felt OK but I think it's best to do very little rather than ask your heart to do more than it might want to do.

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Thanks all exactly the practical advice I was after :)


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