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Ectopic Beats

I wrote recently about if AF was hereditary as my 19 year old daughter has been feeling odd beats and went on treadmill and heart beating out of her chest for about 30 seconds and felt faint she said it was horrible never experience it before.

I understand as have had AF for years and had a cryoablation last October so far so good no AF since so fingers crossed. My daughter had a ecg this week and doctor said there were extra ectopic beats but not to worry a lot of people have them and mostly harmless doctor said he may arrange a heart echo, she is going in to see him when back from holiday next week. Does anyone think this is anything to worry about, would appreciate any comments.


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Ectopics ARE quite normal and everybody gets them. That said this may not be the end of the situation. Your daughter's incident may have been  lots of things, a virus or even sugar imbalance   so it may not be so simple to sort what happened. An echocardiogram will show that her heart is OK I am sure so probably best to go with the cardiologist's plan for now. 

This situation I am sure will be so familiar to many members as it can often take years to finally get a proper diagnosis if it is AF as this mongrel condition is very much like that annoying rattle in your car which is never there when a mechanic drives it.


I think, perhaps, the important thing is that your daughter is aware of the possibility of AF.  I had a few episodes that, in hindsight, were probably paroxysmal AF but I didn't realise it at the time.  By the time I was diagnosed, my AF was persistent and there wasn't a whole lot the medics could do.  

But, if she's aware of the possibility of AF and it rears its ugly head, she'll recognise it for what it is and seek appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

My personal opinion is that there is some genetic predisposition but that doesn't mean it is pre-ordained.  We all know AF is a mongrel condition that affects everyone differently.  You might suggest to your daughter that binge drinking might be unwise - but, since when has a 19 year old listened to that advice? :)


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