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Ablation next week

Hi having an ablation on the 14th with Dr Fox at Bmi Alex in Manchester.  Does anyone have experiences with this Dr doing the procedure. My only concern is im not sleeping and am under the weather. Not because im nervous more to do with anxieties over other issues potential redundancy and been told a close relative is terminally ill. Im also on low dose steroids for PMR which is concerninge although I guess they wouldn't do the procedure if they were concerned with the steroids.  

Thanks Andrew

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Dave fox is a very intelligent and gifted electrophysiologist. You are in great hands


I had my ablation last week at the Alex - not with Dr Fox but with Dr Brown. 

I'd guess the staff will be the same though and  they were superb both in the cath lab and on the ward; kind, caring and very professional.  It is natural to be anxious especially as it seems that you have a lot of other things gong on but they made it all seem very much better so try to relax as much as you can!

Best wishes for the procedure. - I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine.


Thsnkyou so much for your kind thoughts.


Best wishes with your ablation Andrew. I am also waiting for my second ablation but not in the same hospital. 


Hello Andrew, I had that op 2 yrs ago by Dr Fox at the Alex. He's very professional and explained all to me. Please don't worry about it, it sounds worse than it is.  The follow up clinics were very explanatory too. He is a very kind and caring consultant who will spend as much time with you that you need. Hope this puts your mind at ease.


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