I was diagnosed with afib in November of 2014.i have had 4 episodes that last 12 to 17 hrs. My doctors put me on metoprol, but still have gotten afib. I'm wondering why no dr. Has suggested ablation. Do you need to fit a certain criteria for this procedure? I was under the impression that they usually like to perform this before it progresses to persistent, or permanent afib.

Any advice, or suggestions are appreciated.

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  • You need to see an Electrophysiologist if you want ablation. Cardiologists don't do this and seldom voluntarily refer. Are you anticoagulated?


  • Yes,I went to a electrophysiologist two time. He gave me multaq, which from my understanding from reading is a very powerful(new) drug that can in fact cause other arithmias. I guess I'll have to ask my cardiologist about this when I see him next month. Thanks

  • I understand that many drugs that treat arrhythmias can also cause them in some patients. So, for example, Flecainide, a common rhythm control drug, will for me cause an arrhythmia or at least palpitations. So I have to take other drugs which work on me, but not for others. We're all very individual.

    If your drug causes problems, I'd get straight onto your EP.


  • Go to another PE who has done at least 1000 ablations.

  • Actually the dr. I went to was dr. Norris. He's a very renound electrophysiologist in Clearwater Florida. I guess I will have to do further investigating.

  • My EP is not keen on ablations except as a last resort, when medication doesn't work. I guess they all have different ideas.

  • Check out your Electrophysiologists (EP) skill at AF Association website. They seem to know the more successful EP and EP centres and those that succeed because of their skill and high incidence of executing the operation.

  • Don't be afraid to phone and speak directly to the staff at the AF Association.

  • Thank you. I will check into that

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