There was a lot of replies on this subject yesterday.  Sometimes when I get up I start to burp which then progresses to retching.  I am extremely anxious a lot of the time and a friend suggested I subconsciously swallow a lot of air thus causing this.  I often feel nauseous and dreadful first thing which improves as I get going. Apart from constant ectopics I also have a tenderness just below my sternum- anyone any ideas before I pester the doctor again?!!


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  • Don't keep worrying or thinking about it Stephanietee, go pester your doctor. I always find problems are much less stressful when you are actively doing something. Go do it as soon as you can get an appointment. Write all your symptoms etc., down and take it with you when you see your GP otherwise you will come out and suddenly remember something vital. Also make a list of any questions you may have to save time and if you can take someone with you so that you have a memory back-up, it can help.

    Good luck, I hope you get some relief soon.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • I mentioned something similar to my cardiologist recently. He said the vagus nerve is very close to the digestive tract so large meals, excess wind, upset stomach etc can sometimes trigger an attack. Not in everyone but some may experience it. Have you been checked for a hiatus hernia? This may explain the tenderness below the sternum. I get anxious too. I will never get used to these attacks, just have to make the best of it. Good luck. 

  • I agree with the posts given.  I gave a hiatus hernia which affects my af substantially in fact having further investigations currently.  My ep was in greenest about vagal nerve and af in my case.  Get checked out with your gp to get to the bottom of things. Don't be fobbed off make sure you get some answers and further tests if needed.  Sorry it should have said agreement not greenest above lol .

  • Great advice above, to spur you on will tell you my experience - I have been complaining for years about pain just below ribs, also had excess gas in stomach, sometimes burped acid with bits of food. Diagnosis was IBS and irritation from AF meds and Ranitidine was prescribed. Then I ended up in hospital with a severe infection, question was where was it as there were several options including lungs, stomach, bowel, heart (as after effect from ablation). So to begin I had three IV antibiotics, which were changed as it became clear the problem was a perforated bowel from a bowel abscess. When I was questioned shock was expressed that I had been on Ranitidine for years with no further investigation!

    Now comes the good bit - the pain, burping, acid reflux and bowel wind have all but gone. Clearly the antibiotics despite their bad press killed off some evil bugs I have been harbouring for years.

    So do complain and don't follow my bad example 👿

  • Hi stephanietee, 

    Pester the doctor, I'm going to! After years of just ignoring the strange burping and horrible feeling after eating I am finally taking the plunge and going to see the doc on 6th April. I'm not going to tell him that I think it's linked to my afib because he already thinks I'm wacko for thinking my menstrual cycle makes my afib worse. I'm just going to describe exactly what happens after I eat and see what he says. I get anxious too, it's very very hard not to. I find it hard going to thd doctors and having to explain it all whilst they look at you like your daft but I really want to find out what this is. Go and see your doctor stephanietee, I'm sure it will ease some of your anxiety. 

  • Ok!!! Good luck!

  • Forget about the doctor until you get your anxiety under control.  There have been many posts recently about mindfulness and various means of getting the mind stabilized.  That's what you should do if you want to get rid of the problems anxiety causes.

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