Flutter off!!!

Good morning all!

Sorry I have not posted in a while – I m still here bleating as ever!

So the Flecainide isn’t working – it seemed to for 7 weeks then I had a really bad attack of the evil AF. Just woke up in it of the 1st March at 147bpm – sob. It lasted apx 8 hours then my Alivcor said ‘unclassified’ at 125bpm I thought great its buggering off – How wrong I was. I started to feel really dizzy and was getting hot rushes to my head and the drama queen in me was performing something terrible. As much as I despise the thought of A&E I had to ring an ambulance. There I was monitored and flutter was mentioned and not much more could be done as I wasn’t on any anti-coagulants so they wanted to put me on the cardiology ward to monitor me further but there wasn’t a bed – I waited nearly two days for a bed and I was more distressed been in A&E than at home so I asked if I could leave and they agreed as I was feeling okay now just anxious with the fast HB and tired and the joys of A&E were traumatising me more that anything AF could ever do to me!!

So I went to see my lovely Gp who diagnosed flutter and put me on Diltiazam along with 10mg Nebivolol and after a further 5 days it went, back to 40bmp from 130bpm for 8 days – just like that – I cried my eyes out I was that happy. I have had another attack and took 240 Dilziazam and it went within 8 hours – so everything that can be crossed is crossed the Diltiazam will work again.

So I went to Leeds to see my EP, and I am on the list for an ablation, will be apx 4 months but I am going to skip there when the time arrives. I am terrified at the thought but plan to learn much more about this ticker of mine and how it works and hopefully it may help me.

Even though I am still scared of fast AF and was in it for 8 days I have survived just fine and have learnt so much on how to cope with it. My Ep and Gp agree there is no need to go to A&E unless I feel really ill with it as I am now on anti-coagulants. I even went on holiday on a boat to Norfolk whilst in fast AF and nothing terrible happened (when I was first diagnosed I was too scared to even put my chickens to bed!!). So what I have learnt from my latest escapade is to stop looking on Google and try my hardest not to take constant Alivecor readings and just go on how I feel with regards to going to A&E. I am extremely lucky to have marvellous support of my Gps and PeterW and Bob on here and it is very slowly sinking in that Af won’t knock me off my perch!!

Sara xx

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  • You seem to have been all but lost in the bustle on here today!

    Good to hear that you continue to soldier through - the more we have AF and do alright, the less it bothers us and the more blasé we become.

  • Yep you are right ... the 8 days was a shocker but if I can get through that without harm it's put my mind at rest for the next one which I'm sure will occur! All went well so far with my other half. .had thyroid removed and now just waiting for results of body scan. Hope you both are keeping well x x 

  • We are fine - so much better than 2 years ago when we both were on pills we didn't like and my other half had just finished radiotherapy.  Do hope the results are good and AF keeps its distance a bit. x

  • Best wishes to you and hope you continue to feel good xx

  • Thanks Vony x

  • I hope you are feeling better, you sound like you have become braver after your recent episodes, good for you, I find your post inspiring, I am also scared of fast afib, are you symptomatic when you are in fast afib, how do you deal with it especially when you go to bed at night and the heart is racing? appreciate your feedback.

  • Hi 

    I seem to start anytime of the day with no warning really, just a thud thud thud then I swear and pray it goes. I am lucky I don't feel any pain just very anxious and clammy. The last long episode really scared me as I went dizzy and a hot rushes to my head so I am hoping that doesn't return again. My heart rate ranges from 120 - 160 when in fib. I find when it goes away I am really tired and need to sleep. oh and I also want to be alone (Greta Garbo!!) when I am in it - I find I am very grumpy and no one, well apart from other sufferers know how awful it feels and I get inpatient with them! Grrrr.

    Thank you for your kind comments, but I am still really scared and panic but I can't do a thing about it until it goes so really just try to get on with it. A couple of my first episodes I cried uncontrollably I was that scared and I converted - I thought I had found my cure but not happened since no matter how much I bleat. 

    Oh and regards to my HB at night, I can always sense it and always have, even before Fib reared its ugly head, it drives me mad but if I ajust my pillow it's not so bad, in fact I find it quite comforting when in sinus rhythm plus it proves I am still alive!! 

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