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Low Carb & AF

I'm going on holiday in two weeks and decided to give the Dukan diet a go for some rapid weight loss before hitting the beach. I started today with Steak and eggs for brekkie, yummy :)

Anyway, I did a quick Google search to see if low carb and AF was a problem and came across this info:

Had anyone else tried or read similar?

I'm now 11 weeks post ablation and have just started jogging again, after almost two years! I'm feeling really motivated since stopping the bisoprolol :)

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A very interesting article.

I keep reading contradictory articles about dieting and nutrition. If you cut out too many carbs you may well over-reduce fibre. I think that added sugar is the biggest problem.

All Hell has broken out in the Dairying industry this week because new Government guidelines recommend cutting dairy product consumption in half.

FACTS: 1) full cream milk is about 4% fat (96% fat free )

2) milk sugar ( lactose ) content of milk is about 4%.

3) If you remove milk fat then you lose the fat soluble vitamins ADE and K

4) many yoghurt-type products are made fat-free but are loaded with sugar.

We need to read product labels and eat a varied portion-controlled rubbish-free diet.


I'm pretty sure that recent study suggested that dairy fats were fine and it's just saturated animal fat (from meat) which needs to be cut down?!?!


Thanks Joe interesting link. I will check out Iodine some more as a Robert Redfern regular health email I get advocates it a lot.

Re fats and diet I have followed who advocates full fat milk, butter, meat; heard her speak a couple of times now, the first by accident 5 years ago. I am quite active as well but no major sports and I have lost weight on this diet. She was a brain surgeon but got into nutrition as her son had autism but she got him off the spectrum by feeding him the right food.


Just an update for anyone who's interested, I've lost half a stone in the first six days. I'm only staying for two more days though as it's my better half's 40th on Wed.  I'm counting down those days though as chicken, eggs and cottage cheese become very boring very fast :(

I should have added that any diet like this should probably be avoided if you're on warfarin - luckily I'm on rivaroxaban so I don't need to worry about diet so much.


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