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AF again

Just after five weeks since having a chest infection and a change if pulls.

I'm in AF again.

10 mg if bisopolol and 40 mg VERAPAMIL three times a day.

It it s back.

Fed up. Worried.

What am I doing wrong. It's scaring me.

I'm so sorry I am a wimp.

But until one year ago I was somewhat healthy.

I've never felt so alone and scared.

Please, what's happening to me. And why.?

Yes stressed by a father in law and two should know it better daughters .

But I really try to calm and relaxed. Knitting,

Any advice.please


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Well it's back in rhythm no hospital.

Taking it easy.

Just to write it down makes it better. Thank you.


Good news

Take it doubly easy!!!!


Good to hear that Gwen. Yes, I'm sure that sometimes just sharing a problem helps to make it go away. Stay well.


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Thanks Jean.

I have virtually no support from my specialist nurse or from go.

It's going it alone that gets to me.

But thankfully we all have this site and support whenever needed from others in same situation.


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I have A Fib and it is scary that's for sure. My family doesn't really understand the just how hard it is and I sympathize with you, I hope it gets better and just know you are not alone. :)

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Oh dear Gwyn.

You sound so down and anxious. And anxiety is AF s best friend!

Hard to do, but try to relax and be calm. Yes it's an awful , worrying condition. But take your mind to a different place

I find curling up cosy, keep warm, always cold when I get an attsck. Try reading , calm breathing and not focusing on your heart.

I ve also down loaded some crashing wave sounds to listen to, laying on my right hand side.

Wishing you some calmer thoughts x


Got my knitting out.

But it was a short one just two and a quarter hours.

No hospital.

I was determined.

But just a bit down and fed up.

Thank you fir your thoughts.

Helps not to be alone

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AF is so frustrating and debilitating. So pleased you have flipped back into normal rhythm again.

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Very wary right now. But have to get on with

Life. Trying not to let it take over my life .

Thank you for caring.

People who don't have this just don't understand do they.?


No they don't. You would get hundreds of times more sympathy and understanding if you had a plaster cast on your arm.

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Plus from your drs and work collegues.

Until it happens to them.

God forbid.



In and out of AF tonight.

Due to a viral infection.

Dr wasn't interested.

Sorry but I feel I should change surgeries after over 40 years of great support.

Now enough.

I know infections and virus can bring them on.

But for goodness sake GPs need more duty of care.

Loosing my will to deal with this.

Anyone ever been in this situation?

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