Ectopic after ablation

Had my first ablation in Leeds in November following a diagnosis of PAF. Following the op my quality of life has been much better and I am getting back into swimming and running. Unfortunately for the past few weeks I have been getting lots of ectopic beats several per hour and I am getting really worried that I might be slipping back into AF again. Has anyone had a similar experience, am I getting too anxious as Ive read it takes 6 months form the heart to completely calm down.

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  • This is quite normal and sounds to be a quite a low level. Try to ignore as they are harmless but yes it is early days yet.

  • Thanks Bob thats reassuring, Ill try to calm down. Don't think my general anxiety helps though.

  • Had my ablation end of January. Had pvc's even before I left the hospital. I still have ectopics. The majority of them usually occur in the morning. It seems after I exercise, the beats seem to fall in line. I may have a few ectopics during the day but not like the morning. As Bob says it's common.Like you I'm having to learn to be patient. I'm sure it will straighten out.

  • Thanks Paul, I suppose it's a journey with ups and downs knowing others are walking the same road is reassuring your advice is most welcome

  • I'm still getting ectopics at 8 months, BUT NO AF!! You are just hypersensitive at the moment, it will subside.

  • ditto to the above even after 2 years. I am slowly becoming less anxious based on the fact that we are all aware of them.

  • Same as above, PVI in August, now lots of ectopics, been told not to worry about them so that's the plan😗

  • I had some ectopics for he first three months or so after ablation. I don't seem to get them anymore or perhaps I just don't notice them.


  • Can I ask who did your ablation please?

    I'm having mine done on April 15th by Mr. Page who I haven't met.

    I was under Mr. Tayjebee who said that he was doing it, but my letter says its Mr. Page.

  • Mr Tayabjee did it. He was great, talked me through it and I was very relaxed throughout.

  • I've got Dr. Page a consultant cardiologist but I've never met him.

    I'm having it done under a GA so won't know anything about it thank goodness.

  • I had my second ablation in Feb 2015, but I still get the odd ectopic. The hardest thing I find is trying not to worry about worrying about them! (If that makes sense..)

  • Thank you for your thoughts your right it's the anxiety that's the most damaging I will try to think about things in a more calm way

  • My ep ( Mr segal from barts ) advised me that ectopics are completely separate to af, and ablation will do nothing for them and I would continue to get them. I aware they are innocent so don't worry about it. Was helpful to be told this before my ablation as stopped me worrying about them still being there

  • Thanks to everyone who replied to my question you have all made me much more relaxed a calm. What a great community!

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