Ectopic beats post ablation


I am now 13 weeks post ablation but getting loads of runs of ectopic beats.Had 12 week check with cardio nurse and said probably nothing to worry about but could do 24 hour monitor. Has anybody else experienced these sort of symptoms this far on from ablation? I also experience ectopics while eating any advice would be gladly received.

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  • Still getting them nine years later I'm afraid. Ectopics are generally not considered a problem by doctors but of course we AFers feel every darned little thing that happens to our hearts. My last monitor showed about 2 ,000 a day and it was a quiet one. Most of the time I can dial them out of consciousness but sometimes they intrude.

    Try the deep slow breathing exercise . Take deep breaths using your diaphragm not your shoulders and slow right down to less than six per minute. Do this for AT LEAST five minutes. You can with practice get much slower than that if you try. Works for a lot of us.


  • I was getting various arrhythmias for 5 months after ablation - November 2013. They then settled down and nothing since.

  • Hi I had my ablation nearly 2 years ago now, and whilst largely successful in eliminating my AF episodes, I do still have a lot of ectopics. I am not sure if there is any particular relationship between the ectopics and the ablation, as I had ectopics before, but they do seem more frequent since. I spoke to my EP about it, and he said he would be willing to undertake another ablation, but no guarantee it would get rid of them. Obviously, as they are not considered life threatening, they don't attract as much attention from the medical fraternity, but they can be very disconcerting, and make you feel quite anxious and, guess what, the more anxious you feel, the worse the ectopics! There is no doubt that trying to maintain as stress free a lifestyle as possible will help but that is easier said than done! I also suffer more when eating, and I find that eating little and often tends to suit me. I also support the idea that breathing exercises can alleviate the symptoms and worth trying. Take a look at some of Sanjay Gupta's videos on Youtube, as he also addresses ectopics, and he is a very sympathetic character, usually with some good hints and tips. Having said all of this there doesn't seem to be a "silver bullet" to address this condition but rest assured you are definitely not alone!

  • Had the same issue to the extent that I wished I'd never had it done pulse down to 30BPM at times and then up in the 120's settled down after about 4 months and now not had any problems for 18 months and I am completely medication free.

    I am 57 and run between 5 and 10 miles 3 times a week so have faith look after yourself and above all do not stress as that makes the ectopics worse

  • Thanks for all the replies it has put my mind at rest a bit.Will see how it goes in the next few months.

  • Hi there, yes I'm now 15 month so post ablation also get frequent episodes of Ectopics which i didnt get before. I've had 2 small episodes of AF since ablation. Was getting them every other day! I tend to get a run of ectopics now, in a week will have several episode a every day lasting for hours then it calms down again for weeks without anything. Saw Consultant EP he said not to worry it appears to be common after ablation they don't know. why I've been off heart meds for 6 months now, but he said I could take Bisodrol if I wanted when having bad week of ectopic. Don't really want to will see how it goes. Although nothing like my AF The runs of ectopic can make me feel lightheaded though and very anxious which makes it worse and might be reason for having them for days at a time. In between I do get odd jumped missed beat which everyone gets. Deep breathing helps . Good luck to you.

  • Thanks so much for your advice, thought it was just me. I wish they would tell give you more information when you have a procedure then we would know what to expect. Thanks again to you all.

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