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Allergic reaction after ablation

Good morning all

This will have to be a very short post as unfortunately I have had a severe allergic skin reaction to something that happened in hospital following my ablation last Tuesday. My best guess is that they left the telemetry leads stuck on me too long.

Because of this I have hardly slept for 4 nights and therefore I have not been able to follow Bob's golden rule of rest, rest and more rest.

I am off to see my GP this morning to try and get some help to tide me through this awful torture which in my past experience has only subsided with time and has not been alleviated by any anti histamines or creams.

Good news is that I remain in NSR despite this situation.

I know that some of you have asked me questions following my ablation and I will reply as soon as my brain is unscrambled.

Best wishes to all and once again thanks for all the support last week.


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It's like a range of mountains for you Pete - always a new summit to overcome. I hope this is the last one and the smooth plain is next for you.

Very good news about NSR - best wishes for it staying and for your recovery from the allergy. xx


So pleased to hear about the NSR. Sympathies over the allergic reaction which must be very bothersome.

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Hi Pete,

Sorry to hear this news, fingers crossed that things improve shortly.

Best Wishes


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I had same thing GP gave me some steroid cream worked well


Hello Mazza

Unfortunately I have tried steroid creams and ointments but they make it worse for me.

I am now on a regime of sleeping tablets and no water touching my skin.

Things v slightly better today, I am keeping my fingers crossed.



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