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Hi all. I have PAF was diagnosed a year ago and until recently was woefully ignorant and under informed about this condition and how to manage it. An unplanned visit to A&E recently resulted in me being referred to cardiology to see an EP. I have been taking note of all the advice about questions to ask my EP and checking they are the right one for you! Already have a long list of questions to check out I have been referred to Dr A Yue at Southampton General and wondered if any of my fellow a-fibbers had been seen at Southampton and what they thought of EP and the hospital care?

I am not at all sure about going down the ablation route but that probably because I am not hugely inconvenienced by it - yet! Episodes are few and far between and always at night.

Anyway I'd be interested to hear if anyone has been referred to this EP at Southampton?

Thanks. Liz

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  • Welcome to our world LIz . One you no doubt didn't want to join.

    Firstly my advice would be to go to AF Association main website and read all you can especially about ablation so that you can talk with the doctor with some knowledge rather than be swamped with a tsunami of facts which drown you. Try to take somebody with you as I often found that alone I missed about 50 % of what was said. I can't advise on Dr Yue as the only EP I have met from that area was a Dr Jonathan Hyde, ( no relation to Mr Jekyll. ) I know that they have quite a large EP department there and no doubt others here will comment further.

    Whilst I understand your position re ablation I would not rule this out if offered as AF is almost always a progressive condition and best dealt with before it becomes too established many feel.

    You do not mention drugs or anticoagulants but the latter is something which needs to be investigated and assessed . As I am sure that you will know already, stroke is a big risk for us AFers and dependent on age and other factors anticoagulants may well be needed to reduce any risk.

    Do ask anything here and we will try to help.

  • Hi BobD as usual great advice and you were right, some forum members have reassured me on the care at Southampton. I have compiled a long list of questions for my EP thanks to advice and comments here and on the website. My husband is going to come with me - we are both a bit deaf but hopefully we can muster one good ear 👂 between us!

    Sorry 😐 should have mentioned that I am on medication- bisoprolol and flecainide for the AF plus rivaroxaban as I am quite high risk for a stroke - female, 67, with heart "history " - high BP, stress related heart attack (takotsubo cardiomyopathy) in 2009 which led in turn to panic attacks, anxiety and palpitations, then benign arrhythmia.... diagnosed with PAF last year.

    Lifestyle changes have been made along the way - I meditate and practice yoga - and more changes now following advice on this forum including retirement long overdue.

    The main thing that worries me about ablation- besides the scary thought of someone burning off bits of my heart ❤️- is that it seems like, once you go down that road, there's no turning back, you can't reverse out, just more ablations. Also the recovery seems lengthy and fraught with problems- but maybe I'm just being a wimp!! Anyway thanks to you and all the other wonderful forumers I am now so much better informed and ready to face my EP in 2 weeks time. 🙂

  • Ask about the phrenic nerve being damaged during the procedure. I had this problem and now have a paralyzed diaphragm.i have problems breathing.

  • Will do. Adding this to my list!!

  • Hello Liz

    I have been treated at Southampton for 10 years now.

    I am not under Dr Yue but I know he has been a senior EP consultant for all the years I have been treated there. He is well respected.

    Prior to my most recent ablation I was in for a cardio version and Dr Yue was on duty and saw me and I found him very professional.

    Southampton is one of the centres of excellence so you will be in good hands.


  • Thank you 😊 potty Pete. Personal recommendation is much appreciated 🙏

  • Hi Liz, I opted to go to Southampton 3 years ago as my husband had had an ablation there for atrial flutter in 2000 and received superb treatment from Prof Morgan and his team including Dr Yue. I saw Dr Paul Roberts and liked and respected him immediately. Having discussed the pros and cons of ablation with me at length I opted for a watch and wait with a low dose of Flecanide, and touch wood have been episode free since. He kept an open referral for me so I could go back if I changed my mind. Only downside was it was a long wait to be seen initially. Good luck, Liz

  • Thanks - good to know you were able to discuss pros and cons - ideally I would like to give lifestyle changes a chance to work first if nothing new shows up on my echocardiogram. I am taking bisoprolol and flecainide at the moment and seems to be keeping my heart ❤️ behaving! I really appreciate all the responses on this one 🙏

  • Hi again From one Liz to another! Just wondered if you've come across the American EP called Dr John Mandrola, he writes as Dr John M. I receive his posts which are very interesting and he certainly advocates lifestyle changes first if not instead of. If I was clever enough I'd send you a link and unfortunately my grandson's gone to bed!! Good luck keep us posted.

  • Thanks Liz. I will find him and subscribe hopefully not beyond my internet skills otherwise will ask my son!

  • Hi Liz, sounds like you may have vagally mediated Lone PAF, if so I would take very early action on lifestyle, diet and supplements and see if you can improve things first without an ablation.

    I think you are lucky at Southampton as could be a centre of excellence there for heart matters. A friend had an ablation there which was very successful. Dr Yue rings a bell but can't be sure. Good luck.

  • Thank you - I feel reassured I will be in safe hands. Just at the moment hoping he doesn't recommend ablation. Or at least not yet!!

  • Where is South Hampton?

  • Sorry, its a city in the South of England/UK.

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