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Cardiac ablation and benadryl


Hello everybody I'm pretty sure I have mono or the flu (sore body headaches cough sore throat fatigue ) worse part I's I can sleep due to all this pain in my body it happened randomly the head ache is probably lack of sleep the sore throat is probably a common cold an the body ache is a mix of the cold and working 8 hrs 5 days a week standing all 8 hrs any way I can't sleep to save my life and it all just started happenin in I used to sleep like a baby now I can't once. Knock I wake up after couple hours over and over very strange any way my point is

I had a cardiac ablation done December 2nd and I'm pretty sure it was a success my question today is is it safe to pop a benadryl to sleep peacefully? After having one of these operations? I just want one night of good sleep I can't stAnd this

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Benadryl is known to cause increased heart rate and is not a good idea for A.F. Sorry you aren't feeling well, but I wouldn't take the chance. There are some yoga poses for sleep and breathing exercises that work really well for me if I am having trouble sleeping. A quick Google can give you some ideas.

Sleep is so important. I am a yoga fan too v much so but it sounds like you need knocking out. I wouldn't use Benedetto but get some over the counter herbal stuff of non herbal sleep aid. Good luck. Zzzzzz

I purchased melatonin from my nutrition store since melatonin is from our brains originally taking a supliment of it shouldn't do harm correct me if I'm wrong..

If you explain the situation to you doctor I am sure that something can be prescribed to help you with sleeping for a couple of days.

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