Ablation update

Well I've had the ablation done n after a few tears I laid n watched the procedure how fantastic lol....I'm staying in as I passed out trying to get out bed to go toilet..BANG I went down lol...well the procedure was 100 % successful n I'm do happy.....just to say all nurse and ablation team were the best of the best in Basildon hospital... Nurses superb...I'm on ward n now resting...Im on drip for fluid but tired XXX

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  • Brilliant. Now take it easy for the next two weeks. That's the hard bit!!!! Much better to be in there overnight. I hadn't realised that they were going to do you as a day case. I was an overnight ear from the consultation.

  • Ohh Peter the best ever care I've ever had....the staff just the best...n I can eat wat I like now...they just bort me shepherds pie mmmm not had one off them for nr year....

  • Curious why people in Britian with afib cannot eat shepherds pie

  • Really? lol

  • The gravy contains msg

  • Not if you make it yourself!

  • Hi, whats msg please?

  • Mono sodium glutamate.

  • Ok, I give up. I'm in the UK and I don't understand why I can't have a Shepherds pie. Neil

  • Cuz the gravy contain msg...n that's my trigger si been on msg free diet for nearly a year

  • ask if its got MSG in it ? Might be they cant get good quality shepherd these days.

    How about cottage pie?

  • Everything contains msg nowadays lol....but can eat wat I like now...no more checking labels n jars xx

  • Two solutions. make your own shepherds or cottage pie without the gravy or make your own gravy.

  • I'm a veggie so don't eat shepherds pie! Please take it easy and rest, rest, rest. I can't stress that enough.

  • Bet that you got you real worried but so good to read you picking up after the ablation - all the best

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