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Non specific ECG abnormality

I am 65yr lady with well controlled AF.went to AE with left arm ache and chest discomfort. Had bloods x ray 2 ECGs doctor said second one showed small abnormality which freaked me out having chronic health anxiety!! Cardiologist said non specific go home all ok.prob muscle ache.why don't I believe it?? I'm so scared I've got something bad now or in going to have a heart attack can amy one help me feel better? I can cope with AF but I m scared thanks

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The blood tests will have told them that you haven't had a heart attack and of course you will have abnormal ECG if you have AF. Many people have chest pain with AF. Trust the doctor if he says there is nothing wrong and find ways to control your panic.


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Thanks bob but chronic anxiety we tend to seek constant reassurance! I interpret non specific on my ECG as there is something wrong but they dont know what.not specifically!! And borderline unconfirmed? I've had chest pains all day coming and going.think something bad my hands are like ice .the doctor scared me saying some abnormality on ecg so non specific doesn't help me thinking of going to AE again for another.they might have missed the way had numerous cbt docs sessions therapy nothing help my chronic health and general children are practically disowning me help!


Anxiety is a real bugger to shift. It also exaggerates every ache and pain and of course they simply must be all coming from the heart! I have manufactured pins and needles and other symptoms to order, even brought on AF due to stress!

Not easy to do but you must take your focus point as far as you can away from your ticker and try to forget it even exists!


I've been on apixaban nearly a year was worried about bleeding but just called to say I need blood tests last had one this usual to have them every few months?


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