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congenital repair leads to problems decades later


I had a ventricular septal repair done when I was 5. My earliest memories are going to the cardiologist (not exactly happy ones)... Surgery was a complete success (ground breaking at the time) and I was released from care. Had three kids without any complications. Last month, after a day and a half of feeling really tired after any exertion I drove myself to the hospital. My heartbeat was 267. Diagnosed with a flutter, a fib and SVT. Three days and a boatload of meds later, I reverted back into normal rhythm (skipping the cardioversion by hours). Doctors are convinced that the repair on my heart as a child caused scar tissue which caused the flutter. Untreated (had no symptoms) caused the other problems. Scheduled for ablation to treat the flutter next month. Most of the ablation comments I have read have been to correct a fib. Anybody had it to treat flutter?

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Yes,I've had my flutter treated with ablation. Much simpler, quicker procedure than for AF. as it's easier to access in the right atrium ( normally ) avoiding the trans septal puncture necessary to access left atrium for AF procedure.

It also has a high success rate.


Yes. Me. Success. Although I had to go thru 3 ablations, last one 18 months ago.

Success is a lot easier, for flutter thru ablation. See Yatsura.


At last someone else with congenital heart problems. Had pulmonary stenosis and atrium hole corrected at 5 and 26 years. Led full active life. Now at 65 have leaking pulmonary valve and constant ventricular and supra ventricular ectopics which make my life miserable although apparently not dangerous. Not sure what my outlook is, am waiting to hear from Adult CongenitL Heart Clinic in Sheffield as to what they might offer. This is a special clinic for people like you and me who have got "lost" in the system over the years because we have been well. But yes, congenital heart conditions do apparently cause symptoms later in life as I have discovered on Google. Afraid I cNnot help re treatment for your flutter, but if you are getting something done be thankful and go for it.

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Thanks for the replies. I've responded well to the medicines and I am hopeful that the ablation will work but I wonder about reoccurrence. My heart was been weakened because of all of this and the doctor is optimistic that I will recover but at the moment I get winded if I run up the stairs.

Another in a similar situation to you, with a congenital heart defect. VSD not repaired, and like yourself I have had 3 children without too many problems. I was diagnosed with PAF nearly two years ago, but think I have had it for some time. Now on bisoporolol and warfarin. Haven't seen the cardiologist since being diagnosed, diagnosis given through GP but will be seeing a new cardiologist in a few months time.

Leetessa in reply to toller

I'm on 4 meds but cardiologist is optimistic I can come of some of them after the ablation. it just took nearly 4 days in hospital to return my heart to normal sinus. I just get out of breath doing the simple tasks. I'm just frustrated.

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