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AF and meds!


I am asking for advice. Again!!!!

My new prescription is for 7.5 mg bisopolol from the 5 mg that I've been on since my first AF in July last year.

I had my second in January. I'm fine once it flips back I'm find,plus I'm still working.

But the second one in Jan the hospital wrote saying I needed to go up to 7.5 mg yet my arrhythmia nurse said it was OK to stay on the 5, mg.!

What do I do?

I'm happy on 5mg still had No consultant see me but have appointment in march with the arrhythmia nurse.

Any advice.

I start the 7.5mg on friday. Will it be OK?

Sorry!to sound like an idiot.

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You have answered it in your post? Your hospital advised your doctor to increase the bisoprolol to 7.5mg.... they also send you a copy of this information. Your doctor is following the given advice and written up your new prescription.

If you are still uncertain... contact the practice- for confirmation?

I personally only follow written advice.

gwyn53 in reply to Hidden

Never had a copy.

Just the surgery.

I just thought it seems a large amount!.

Thanks for your swift and helpful reply.


BobDVolunteer in reply to gwyn53

gwyn53 I understand your confusion especially as the only expert that you have seen is the arrhythmia nurse. These people are highly trained in their subject, -- much more so than GPs who often have no knowledge of AF treatment. You may very well find that the new dose makes you feel far worse than what you are trying to overcome in which case you must do something about it.

Bisoprolol does not stop AF. it merely controls heart rate in an effort to reduce symptoms when it happens so it is no surprise that you still have events. Since AF is almost always progressive these may well increase in frequency over time regardless of the amount of the drug you are taking. Your consultant when you meet them will be able to discuss the way forward to enable you to continue to live life to the full but in the mean time your arrhythmia nurse should be your first point of call. Why not ring him/her and discuss the problem?

gwyn53 in reply to BobD

Just spoke with her side kick. Not happy that the consultant hasn't seen me or that our Dr has just stuffed me on higher dose.

Phone call from family Dr is now awaiting.

They do make things difficult don't they!

Thanks BobD

Most appreciated.

jennydog in reply to gwyn53

Gwyn, 7.5 isn't considered to be a very large amount. Normal top dose is 10. I was on 10 before my ablation and it did make me feel tired and breathless some times. I know someone who takes 10 in the morning and 5 at night - God only knows how that makes her feel!


I keep reading that doctors do not know much about AF ? They know exactly what AF involves but pass patients on to centres that have the proper diagnostic equipment.

The GP is tasked to take charge of a patients wellbeing and follows guidelines set out by NICE to ensure the patients best treatment. They take advice from Consultants ,but the final decision is down to them.

Nurses ,Consultants and all other specialists have their say. The GP is in charge of your case.

my dr phoned and changed it back to 5mg with and added 2.5 if Ness. Until I have my app with arrhythmia nurse in march.

Still awaiting a cardiac appointment!

Still had no paperwork from my last visit.

Thanks to all.

At your consultation if they say about increasing it you could ask that it is increased first to 6.25mg (you take a 5mg and a 1.25mg tablet). In my case a dose increase has only been in 1.25mg steps (up or down) and a second increase was a few weeks later. I was told that this is better for the body to adjust and it seems to work.

In my case 1.25mg start then 1 week later 2.5mg then 2 weeks later 3.75mg. Then I stayed on that for about 4 weeks until after cardioversion (which only lasted 24 hours) and then increased to 5mg. Had my ablation 4 months later (March last year) and after that it was increased to 6.25mg and then 4 weeks later 7.5mg. Then about 5 weeks ago GP dropped to 6.25mg because of BP being consistently low.

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