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I understand magnesium deficiencies are hard to detect in normal blood tests as the body will keep this fairly stable, and mine are fine in the nhs blood test for kidney troubles. I have explained all this to gp, but nhs only will do that one test and i don't qualify to see nhs nutritionist (i had hoped that might be a way to have blood taken to send to biolab) - how did other people check their mag levels? Oh to have unlimited funds and get all this seen to privately! But with a dad in the States, still very grateful for nhs! As i come slowly off the meds i'd like the back-up of some supplements, wish there was a natural health college nearby that needed some guineapigs! how do other people know they are low in magnesium?? I know the electrolytes are a delicately balanced bunch so don't want to cause myself more problems. When I stopped smoking i took up boiled sweets and burst a tooth, so i went for liquorice next instead of chocolate - those of you who saw it on tv know where that ended up! Too much can cause hypertension and therefore if you have arrhthymia you have to be careful.Although the manufacturers of my fav liquorice tell me the raspberry falvour one has a tiny amount of the problem ingredient, i am now experimenting with diff flavours of dark chocolate to have something for a treat. Anyway - the magnesium - how do you know your levels are low?

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  • I'll do that, thanks for your help, sometimes I can't get my head in gear, so fuzzy and so many decisions seem monumental sometimes. I've been thinking about this magnesium for weeks now. The old me would have just been on it, but so many different things to think about have had me in a whirl, and who can think on these meds! So i'm glad to have help swaying me from you and all the others who have answered my posts. I'll get in about looking at the forms tomorrow. Thanks.

  • I had the CoQ10 tested by BioLab at the same time as my Alternative Practitioner said both were relevant for AF.

  • The pharmacist at the hospital told me to stop taking that, so i'm wondering if you took/take supplements as well as meds or not?

    It'd be interesting to hear if anyone had the normal range magnesium in standard test then discovered a deficiency with other tests.

    Finding it hard to prioritize all these thoughts on this that and the other - i keep blaming it on the meds - i hope it's down to them anyway! Thanks for that info, i'd definitely be interested in that.

  • I took for approx 18 months Flecainide and Mg/Coq10 supplements. My standard GP test for Mg was OK and my Red Cell test for Mg via BioLab was at the bottom of the normal range.

  • I understand that if you have an excess of magnesium, it upsets your stomach and you get the runs, or as my mother used to say "Trottie True Nose" :-) .

    Anyhow, I started taking mag pills and I got an upset stomach after a few days so I guess I'm getting plenty of mag, probably in our borehole water? I didn't have any tests but stopped taking the pills and went back to normal.


  • My G.P. said he couldnt advise re magnesium and suggested the pharmacist who said" ooh dont take magnesium on all these other tablets" Anyway, i decided to take a small ammount in the form of magnesium oil. I rub in the recommended ammount which is 10 sprays. I dont know if it is doing my heart any good but it is a great muscle relaxant and im not constipated! X

  • We put Epsom Salts in our bath water, which I think is mag. That hasn't given me Trottie True Nose I'm glad to say.

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