Some good news!

The doctor rang this morning to tell me that my repeat bloodtest showed that my neutrophils had gone back to a low normal and my inflammatory markers indicate nothing more serious than a virus ( which i did know i had ) . He thinks that it is a LOW normal because of the various medications I take ( fleconide, bisoprolol and warfarin can all deplete the number of white blood cells apparently). However they are not worried about me anymore.

This is of course, a massive relief but it has given me a bit of a wake up call re blindly swallowing medication without thinking carefully.

Also, i now know that when i have a virus i need to be careful because my neutrophils will probably be low. So, more rest!

Anyway, everycloud has a silver lining .... my husband has been very attentive all week, nothing was too much trouble as he didnt think i was long for this world. Now, everything is back to normal!

Thanks for all your support. X

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  • Excellent!

  • Arr that's good, though I'm sure you could stretch the sympathy vote out a bit longer with your hubby!

    Good luck


  • Good news.

  • Good to hear. Stay well.

    Jean x

  • Great news. So important to have a good support from family. All the best.

  • Brilliant

  • That's good to hear.

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