Some good news!!

Hi, I was diagnosed with Lone Persistant AF last May. In July, I had an echocardiogram which indicated my heart was in fairly good shape. As far as I knew, I had not had the condition for very long, but could not be sure. Early in September I had a cardioversion and I am pleased to say that I am still in Sinus Rhythm. Earlier today, I had my review with my EP and he has discharged me back to my GP. He has said that it is impossible to know how long the CV will last, but there is a reasonable chance it might hold for a while. I know we are all different and that AF affects us all in different ways, and I am also aware that this is not a cure and that the situation could change at any time. However, I wanted to share it with the forum as the members here have been so supportive and I hope the news will encourage others in a similar situation.

Best wishes, John

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  • That's good news John, Good to see you today!

  • Thanks Rosemary.......see you at the Surrey ASG

    Best wishes, John

  • Hi John, that's excellent news. I would say don't be complacent and alter your lifestyle and look at possible supplements NOW. Plenty advice on this forum on diet, exercise, work/leisure balance, meditation, spiritual matters and supplements.

  • I appreciate your comments Orchardworker, I am lucky to have a supportive wife and the help locally from the Surrey ASG and of course, the help from the folks here on the forum. Although the EP has changed my medication, I will continue taking medication to help maintain rhythm and also warfarin for reasons we all know. Best wishes, John

  • Hi Jack

    Great news, and fingers crossed that it holds - it's very good that you have such support, that will really help I'm sure. Just don't overdo it - that's what I find brings it back for me, every time...


  • Thanks Lis....will be taking your advice!

    Best wishes, John

  • Wonderful news John, it is so good to read posts like yours and it gives everyone else such a lift when there is a success story. Here's hoping it lasts for you.

    I will celebrate for you!

    Angel blessings


  • Much appreciate your comments Di, best wishes, John

  • FAbulous news... no reason not to stay positive! AS others have said, without becoming obsessed, keep up the good support - rest, food, exercise and hopefully you'll stay in NSR! Thanks for the encouraging news!

  • Yes Iris, thats the plan, ironically, next weeks speaker at the Surrey ASG is going to be covering just that, so I will be listening avidly!

  • Many thanks, john

  • Hi John, so glad to hear all is well and long may it last. I have had a couple of episodes since my CV but at the moment still in SR. I am interested in what medication they have now put you on, are you on rhythm or rate meds?

    Keep well.


  • Hi Brenda, you hang in there too!! He's changing meds from Bisoprolol to Diltiazem, not sure what the dosage will be yet. All best of luck......John

  • Really good to see such encouraging news. All the best!

  • Thanks Rellim, appreciate your comments......all the best, Kohn

  • Hi John - That's such good news to hear and gives others the hope of being AF free for a long period. fingers crossed for you. Best wishes.


  • Thanks Jean....and best wishes to you too!....John

  • Pleased to hear your good news, hope it lasts for you! CD

  • Thanks CDreamer....t'is fingers crossed!!

  • Hi John

    That's brilliant news!!

    It's the same for me - I was discharged a fortnight ago and am now drug free and starting to feel much better for it. My EP also said it is by no means certain thatthe AF will return which was heartening (excuse the pun) ....let's hope !!

    Take care


  • Fantastic Ruth.....yes, thats what I was told too, we just have to stay positive and do what we can to help keep the ticker under of luck, John

  • Best wishes. John. I've had 2 CVs. The 1st lasted for about 15 Months and the 2nd about 12 months, before I went into Persistent AF and now in the 2 Stage Hybrid Ablation procedure.

  • Many thanks Lastec, and good luck with your procedure, hope all goes well, best wishes, John

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