Allergy, nosebleeds, anticoagulants and A&E

Does anyone else suffer from allergic rhinitis (mine is caused by dustmite allergy) which when very bad causes inflammation and nosebleeds which need 40-60 minutes to stop as I take Apixaban? I do everything possible to avoid contact with the allergen but exposure happens and I end up in A&E being monitored for a few hours as my GP insists upon.

I find this gets me down and worries me more than AF - no bad thing that, I suppose. Any coping strategies or tips from fellow AFfers would be most welcome as most allergy sufferers seem not to have an anticoagulant making things worse.

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  • antihistamines not help?

  • They probably would if I could get there before the bleed but in a bad exposure the first I know of a problem is a sudden nosebleed followed by the other symptoms.

  • I, too, am on Eliquis. After only two weeks, I had two bleeds, a nosebleed and a vaginal bleed (I am 75 years young). Neither one lasted more than about 10 minutes but it scared me. I took a Vitamin K tablet and ate greens a couple of days in a row and have not had another bleed. (As you probably know, greens are high in Vit. K which causes the blood to clot.) I called my doctor's nurse but she didn't seem too concerned. One of the requirements of Eliquis is the weight minimum which is 132...I only weigh 105 but my doctor seemed to think I would be fine. .........................................Thel

  • Thank you Thel - I'm glad the bleeds stopped fairly quickly and that you've had no more problems. I think Apixaban doesn't respond to vit K and anticoagulation will continue regardless. There is a lot of information on the Apixaban leaflet regarding age, weight and different size doses available 5mg and 2.5mg.

    Stay well.

  • I too have seasonal and dust mite allergies. I hate taking antihistamine meds - side effects! I find using a salt nasal wash out useful (I usually buy the one for children as is much milder) and then a very smear a very small amount of Vaseline inside my nose works well.

    Hope you find some relief.

  • Thank you for the Vaseline tip - more for my armoury! The nosebleeds are my biggest worry to try to avoid.

  • If you have a nosebleed, go to A&E, they can cauterize it surely?

  • I thought that might happen but the only thing they could do was a 48-hour rhino pack and overnight stay in hospital.. They agreed to observe (for 5 hours) and let me go with the proviso of return for packing and the balloon thingy if bleeding started again.

    What a palaver - I'm seeing my GP to discuss a sensible management plan as I've had 4 fairly substantial bleeds - all of them followed by allergy symptoms, which is why I'm interested in anyone else's solutions and ideas. I suspect that A&E isn't the best way to cope but GP has so far insisted on it. 🙁

  • How frustrating for you Finvola, I hope your GP can help.

  • Thank you - so do I.

  • I find Sterimar helps with my rhinitis, it's a completely natural salt nasal spray available over the counter but actually prescribed for me by ENT consultant. I am also on Apixaban, and am fortunate to have tiny and rare nosebleeds. Hope you get some relief soon, Jane

  • Thank you Jane. I have been using a salt spray - self medicated, so it's good to know that ENT recommend one and Sterimar looks good.

  • For 40 years I had nosebleeds. A friend told me to stop drinking milk. I did this and I have not had a nosebleed in 25 years. I tried drinking milk a couple of times and got nosebleeds again.

    Also I have some types of allergies. Probably pollen, mold, etc. Not sure what. I have never been tested. I used to have nasal congestion when the allergies acted up. For years, I thought I had a cold. I now take one tablespoon of coconut oil every day and no more allergy issues. Coconut oil has other positives as well.

  • Yes, food intolerance was one thought I had and dairy products are always up there in the forefront. But, it made no difference to me (I use only goat's milk) - glad it worked for you though. I want my GP to organise a test so that I know for certain what I'm dealing with and I'll add coconut oil to my 'armoury'.

  • Hi Finvola

    I have allergies and suffered for years with rhinitis but only recently realised it is probably dust allergy ( along with seasonal pollen allergy). I have started taking, on advice from my GP , antihistamine at night and I have invested in a Vax air purifier which I leave on for 2 hours whilst I go to sleep. Also changed entire bed linen and pillows to anti allergy type. I am sleeping so much better and don't wake with such a blocked nose any more.

    I too have suffered with nose bleeds for years but have only had a couple of bleeds since being on Apixaban and these thankfully stopped with 10 mins pressure

    To be honest my worst nose bleeds happened when I was on aspirin!

    Hope you get sorted soon. Nose bleeds are scarey to be sure

  • loobylou - thank you, that's useful and I've just had a look at a Vax air purifier on Amazon as I didn't realise they existed. I agree that bleeds are disturbing, but the reaction of doctors has scared me somewhat. I suspect it's because of the anticoagulant that I have to traipse to A&E each time, hence my decision to nail the cause(s) and get a better way of coping than I have at the moment.

  • Thank you to everyone who has replied - there are some good suggestions which I have noted, and, as in all things, it's comforting to know that others cope with a similar problem.

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