Day 9 Post Ablation

For the first few days following the procedure I had very minor flutters or very slight goes of AF.I was told to expect this for up to 3 months. It felt so minor compared to my pre-ablation bouts of AF that I explained it to my husband as a bull pacing slowly around a bullring and just hitting the side walls which were padded and therefore it gave up almost instantly.

I woke up Day 7 and declared to my husband that I'm sure it had worked. I have now had a few days where I've not been aware of my heart. Most people wouldn't know what I'm talking about but I bet a lot of you folks out there do. It would be going to fast, to slow, flipping ,skipping beats, pounding etc. making me feel dizzy ,sick and generally unwell. This would happen almost on a daily basis and the worse thing was I was losing confidence ,I didn't like to be left alone and wouldn't go out on my own.

I have just come back from a walk lasting an hour and a half (with my husband -not quite ready to go on my own yet but soon will be there) oh what bliss ! I'm very tired ,probably effects of anaesthetic but my heart is just doing what it should do.

I'm not saying ablation is for everybody but I just wanted to share with you my thoughts and hope my experience might help those of you who are not sure what to do.

I am also quite aware that things might change for me -here's hoping they don't -but this is the present.

AND it's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • You really summed it up by saying you have had a few days now of not being aware of your heart. That is a truly wonderful feeling and people who have never had to notice the difference probably can't appreciate that declaration as much as we all can. SO happy for you as you reclaim your life. Hoping you have many days, weeks, months, years ahead with normal rhythm. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted.

  • Fi...

    I am so happy to hear this. Yes I understand the "not being aware of my heart" and it is great. I've now went 13 weeks and most of the time, I don't give my heart a second thought. I even splurged 3 days ago and even though I knew that chocolate was one of my triggers, I had a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. I waited (and worried a little) for about 24 hours to see if it would happen but "All is good" (and so was the ice cream).

    Keep us up on how you are feeling and recovering And again, I'm very happy for you!


  • Tim - that was brave of you eating chocolate, but a good measure of how far you've come. I always like to blame my heart racing episodes on something I've eaten. My daughter laughs at me and says 'What are you blaming it on this time mum?'

    Ha, how little she knows!!! Makes me feel happy and gives me a solution to the problem if I can pin it down to something. Only we AFibbers understand that.

    So glad you're not too aware of your heart doing odd things now.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Fi - Pleased to hear you are doing well. It's good that you've managed a walk.

    Please keep us regularly informed of how you are feeling..

    Best wishes


  • Hi Fi

    Delighted for you, always gladdens the heart to hear stories like this.

    Long may it continue


  • So pleased to read that. I really do know how you feel.


  • Hi Fi.

    Wonderful news, pleased to hear your great outcome.


  • Hi Fi

    Great news. Nothing can beat being unaware of one's heart.....can't wait til it's me.


  • Thank you all for your kind words. Good luck to you all. This is wonderful and when I can stop taking the Bisoprolol and bring my B.P. up to a normal level rather than being so low, things will be perfect.- I hope.


  • Hi Fi

    I am due to have my ablation end july,i'm excited but terrified. Reading your blog has made me feel a lot better, Thank you

    KKI001 - karen

  • Hi Karen

    Know exactly how you feel but honestly the procedure was very easy (well from my point of view) and no pain , except a sore throat for a little while and that was because I had a T.O.E. and not everybody has that .Best decision I could have made and I would do it again tomorrow if necessary (hopefully not though)

    Good luck and I hope all goes well for you.


  • fantastic gives me hope


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