Just a quick message to say thanks to everyone on here! I've just realised I have spoken with so many people on this site, and written on lots of people's posts but never actually written one of my own! So here goes.. I really am grateful for being able to speak with you all as we all can understand one another, I just wish I found it earlier as I have had SVT for two years now. Anyway before it gets to soppy I'll leave it there 😂

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  • Gosh I need you all today after a second AF.

    This site is keeping me sane.

    Hope all goes well for you.

  • It's so true nice to know we're all here to give and recieve advice and experiences!

  • And that we have some understanding as to what people are going through even though the effects can be quite varied.

  • It's true Peter, everyone is different but we can all relate to how Arrythmias can make us feel and become quite a struggle to live with when they are effecting us.

  • Yes I agree!!! And how at times we can feel so sh***y or frustrated or fed up. We just have to overcome as best as we can!!!

  • I feel the same it's very good to come on here it makes you feel not alone and settles you with the knowledge and support of so many people who have been where we are at some stage 😊😊cheers Paul

  • It's huge support. Anyone who critisises health sites does not understand that to truly empathise a person has to be in a similar boat. Xx

  • I also find it helpful to hear what has helped others. We are v lucky to have mhs in UK with prescription meds. I'm also rather terrified of meds but do take what's given to me. So far Spuxabsn. I like to know why my body is behaving as it does. Abnormal heart rates have to signify that something is very amiss surely

  • Why Elaine? Some people need glasses. Arrhythmias are just a small electrical malfunction which happens to be in the heart. Most people with arrhythmias have perfectly healthy and otherwise normal hearts, Because it IS our heart we worry too much about it most of the time and do need the kind of reassurance that this site gives. When I started my AF journey in 2004 there was nothing in the way of support or information until AF Association was formed in 2007 and that was hard to cope with sometimes. Doctors mostly still fail to understand the psychological aspect of the condition so it is up to all of us to work on that.

  • Yes AFib is very scarrey and I also am so glad to have all of your support! I wish good health to all of you!

  • How true Bob

  • I've learned so much and had such reassurance from posters on this forum over the last two years. Sometimes, reading about others' problems and how they have coped puts my own discomfort into perspective.

  • I think - well for me - the worst part was keeping sane, thoughts of "will this kill me", was all over me. I have had AF for a long time so have now learned how to cope with the anxiety, but for someone just diagnosed, I think it is hell.

    Doctors should talk about the psychological effects also.

    That is one of the reasons why I started my blog

  • Thanks for all your lovely replies we def all help each other

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