My bloody gp

So my wife took my discharge notes to my GP upon coming out of hospital for my PVI ablation with dr Ernst.

She explained to them that I needed a Drs paper which, in the words of my company only needed "post op recovery" written on it to be sufficient for them, as id already shown them the original letter for my appt

Just looking at my paper that the GP has given my wife and the reason for my paper she's written

Percutaeneous trans luminal ablation of the atrioventricular node

Where she derived this from I have no idea whatsoever🙄🙄🙄

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  • That's GPs for you Juggsy. 2+2 = 473. If I were you I would not show that to anybody as an AV node ablation without pacemaker is not a good idea at all. Just goes to show how a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    The problem with this sort of thing is that if you are not careful your medical history will be all wrong and could impact on the future. You need to get things sorted once you feel strong enough to fight your corner.

  • I'm not handing it in bob, my wife is going back up on Monday to have this one wiped from system and new one issued with post op recovery put onto it,

  • Juggsy

    I am assuming that you have done nothing - in which case I will write some notes to help you get this documented and sorted. Just speaking to them could leave you with problems.

  • That sounds great thank you pete

  • I have an r on the end of the name!!!

    I didn't want to spend time writing some things down only to find you had already written in!!!

  • My apologies peter

  • so agree with Bob !! Unbelievable !!

  • Pleased you are doing well Juggsy. You will need to insist it's changed on your records. I found out recently that forty years ago when I had seen a locum GP when I was having difficulty swallowing that he had put on my records that i was anorexic and was using this as a reason not to eat.

    His only justification for this was I was a slim young woman. In fact I had throat spasm which was solved by another GP.

    However I was told my records could not be amended, I was furious. After kicking up a fuss the best they could do was add a "patient comment" that I disagreed with the diagnosis.

    As Bob says these issues can have significant implications when not corrected. Hope your recovery continues to go well.

  • I've almost lost my baby to child protection services social services because of errors on my medical records that ended with a paediatrician we've never met diagnosing me with munchausens by proxy as we were concerned our baby was having seizures. She was but we had to get barristers involved etc!

    My career and family are in tatters over a poorly qualified GP who clearly doesn't know his elbow from his ahole!

    To clear inaccuracies on medical records go to the Independent Commissioners officer medical records and they do it for you.xx

  • Oh my - how well that GP has listened. 😡

    Another poster had incorrect information put on to her medical record by a nurse and was told that it couldn't be removed but a note was added saying that the patient 'denied' that the information was correct. Hopefully, this daft information has not been added to your medical record and that your wife can get things sorted out for you.

    Keep getting better and hang on to that AV node.

  • Finvola yes, that was me. She recorded in a letter to my GP that I had had a difficult time post-ablation and that I suffered from light headedness. Neither were true, in particular I could prove that I hadn't felt my heart for 6 weeks after the ablation as I had sent a thank- you card to the EP saying exactly that.

    I would refuse to see that nurse again. Her comments remain on my record along with my incandescent letter of denial. I feared for my driving licence if light headedness was suspected and I would be in trouble if I had an accident.

    All this proves how important it is to demand copies of all letters sent to GPs.

  • I didn't want to quote you without permission, jennydog but your experience haunts me as a failure in the medical records system.

  • Try these:

    And contact the too x

  • Af is generally out of most gp's level of understanding and it's frustrating isn't it? They often grasp the initial concept of it but that's it, anything deeper and more complicated they don't get and generally don't want to know either! Not good when your on the receiving end. My GP couldn't get I had paf, she kept feeling my pulse and saying I didn't need an ablation because I wasn't in af. She couldn't appreciate or understand the paroxysmal bit

  • Juggsy

    I am writing these notes as a friend and not in any legal capacity or any way that could incur any liability whatsoever (ie without prejudice).

    Please don't just have your wife go back and discuss it with surgery because then there is no control or evidence as to exactly what the situation was / is and this could cause problems in the future particularly regarding any insurance (car, health, sickness, life cover, etc) and others like the DVLA, police, etc. This could cause problems in 25 years time if you aren't careful!!!

    Obviously when your wife goes in she can discuss further. Get her to take a photocopy (ideally at a shop not a copy on an inkjet printer). When she goes in ask the receptionist to sign the back of your copy as "Received by nnnnn on dddd).

    I am guessing as to why details are not required by your employers. However if they are not paying the SSP then I believe that if she has to issue a fitness to work note (formerly sick note) then it does have to include details of the operation. I may be wrong because the regulations had an overhaul a couple of years ago.

    Also what is the time period you are going to be off for. The GP can write a note for two months and I would suggest that she does this if you have been told six weeks. Then if you are OK to go back earlier than the two months you can do so (unless she selects the option on it that she does need to see you again).

    Then keep your copy (both sides and do the same when you get their letters x 2 back) in a safe place and also upload a copy on to your cloud system. If you don't have one like Microsoft's One Drive you can always upload as photos) tip set up a folder called key documents).

    Good luck!!!


    Take the GP's note and write ON the FRONT of it:

    The information in this letter is incorrect. I did NOT have the procedure stated. I had a PVI ablation [and add any other key category information in the discharge notes].

    Please will you insert this annotated note ASAP into my Patient Record File and confirm by letter that this has been done.

    My employers do NOT need any details and including them could cause issues with regard to confidentiality, etc. Therefore please will you write a new letter which only states "[name] is off work due to post operation recovery. [add any other particular wording you want].

    [Add your signature and print name and date it].

  • You are legally allowed to record any and all consultations under the data protection act as it is for family use and as you the pstooor family member of the patient is not a company.

    The requirements of the DPA only cover the conduct of companies not individuals ergo there are no laws to prevent you from covertly recording a professional if their conduct is questionable.

  • Thank you peter

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