Post ablation tingles


It is now 8 days since the ablation and 2 days ago I had a strange sensation in my right leg, just below and to the right of the knee (below the huge bruise). It feels a little numb to the touch, gives a sensation of pins and needles and occasionally I have a sharp twinge - big enough to make me jump.

Has anyone else had this? Should I be worried? I don't have an AF clinic to ring, so would have to rely on my GP who may not have experience of this.

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  • On your discharge letter there will be a contact number (it is mandatory that there is someone that you can follow up with). If not contact the EP's secretary.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your reply. I'll ring the secretary tomorrow.

  • This is perhaps a slight problem with the phrenic nerve ? When they access the vein to out in the catheter it is quite close to the main nerve through your groin. Probably a bit of pressure from the bruising there. As Peter says please contact the EP's secretary or the hospital who performed the ablation.

  • Thanks for that explanation. As I told PeterWh, I'll ring tomorrow.

    Thanks again.

  • Definitely check it out lovely

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