flecainide, exercise and asthma

I have exercise induced asthma. I only worked that out at the start of 2015 (I thought the asthma symptoms were heart related).

I got Afib for the first time in April (2015), sorted it out and was med free from June through to end September when I got Afib again. Since early October I have been on 200mg flec/day.

So by the time I went on to flec i was still learning how to manage the asthma.

Since I started flec I have been trying to learn how best to manage the flec and the asthma...and maintain a reasonable level of fitness.

It seems to me like the flec accentuates the asthma (the triggers are at much lower thresholds). If i push myself too hard now I get asthma symptoms even if I have used the pump. I now try avoid pushing myself as its not worth it.

Anyone else with similar experiences of asthma and flex?

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  • Hi Jonathan, not with Asthma, but I always exercise before I take my morning dose of Flecainide, then have breakfast. I don't know whether doing this sort of pattern would help you?


  • I also normally take it after exercise, although the flec i take is slow release so not sure how much of a difference that makes.


  • Flecainide is usually contra-indicated with asthmatics, but presumably your consultant has allowed for this. My cardiologists said no to it but when I saw my EP to arrange my ablation he said I could try it first if I wanted. But I went straight to the ablation.

  • I was not aware of this. My cardiologist is aware of the asthma (its only exercise induced, I don't get it any other time).


  • I, too, have exercise-induced asthma. It comes on only if I don't take my time warming up. However, flecainide gave me a continuing shortness of breath that often includes wheezing. This is one of a number of reasons I say don't take that poison unless you absolutely have to.

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