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18 weeks post bypass

I am 76yr old single male. I have had a single bypass and aortic valve replacement. 18weeks ago. The op was regarded by my registrar as very successful. I have no other health issues and don't smoke or drink. I dance, cycle, yoga, school volunteer and socialise as much as possible

I have the following residual problems to a greater or lesser degree. Irritability, panic attacks higher blood pressure, trouble sleeping, loss of mindfulness, loss of short term memory and mood swings (gloomy). I sometimes have lurid nonsense visions when I wake. I am still well away from my pre op stamina level but have completed the full cardiac rehab programme which showed 25% improvement. I had chronic persistent AF before my op and it remains. I take warfarin and 5mg Amlodipine daily.

I feel I don't have a lot to complain about but am interested in a similar status comparison if you have the time. -Thanks


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I think a lot of that is down to the GA. I was six months post my procedure each time before some of those symptoms left me.


Thanks Bob.

Yes, that seems to be the general consensus. My friends and I are going to take a view on progress at six months. So nothing unusual but I do wish the surgeons had told me. It cost me a relationship in the early stages and it was a very testing time a few weeks after surgery


Did you not get a booklet from the hospital about the procedure and recovery? That was in the one that the Royal Sussex gave me and is evidently quite common. I had no problems in that respect but I was one of the 30% who go into AF.

My mother when 82 had a kidney removed and her memory was very badly affected by the GA and did not get better. Naturally they said that she must have dementia but as I pointed out she had postponed her surgery for a couple of months as she was going to Canada on her own and had travelled around there for a month visiting relatives.


Thanks for your reply. I think I am getting better but am quite neurotic about it monitoring myself very closely in most respects. It is very difficult to have an unbiased helicopter view of things but I have two good male friends who are prepared to be frank with me. We are having a "case meeting" at the end of February to decide if I am fit to do a long planned rail trip to Italy with folding bikes with one of them. I am doing all the trip planning. I do note that friends are making gentle allowances for me though!

I have a daughter in Canada but cannot now get travel insurance . Only one offer of £2.9k for 30days post op!!! So glad I have been often before.

Seasons greetings!



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