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AF Back after 2 years

Hi everyone, I had my ablation july 2013 and since then been absolutely great, no AF

was convinced it had gone until today. Just entering a shop it felt like my heart dropped and then I went light headed and heart started to thud very fast and irregular I managed to do the shopping trying to convince myself it would go away as quick as it came, it lasted about 1 hr when I got home to my husband I couldn't help but cry I was convinced it had gone forever. My question is has this happened to anyone else and should I get in touch with the doc at the QE birmingham soon. xx

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Yes on both camps. Ablation is never a cure but can last months. years or not at all. A repeat procedure could be permanent but nobody knows. I had three ablations until six years ago but haven't had AF since although I dio get some other arrhythmias form time to time.

Contact your EP and tell him but he will probably need your GP to re- refer you . Make contact with him first by letter and see what happens. That way you may well short circuit the system and get to see him sooner. I have my EP's e mail. address and often send him updates and queries.

Don't despair as this is all par for the course with AF. What you will need is an ECG so maybe a trip to the doctor if you get another event so that you can get it on file and don't forget to ask for a copy.



Thank you bob, I have got an appointment with my EP next march, it was just a check to see how I was getting on, do you think I should contact his secretary to see if I can get an earlier appointment? or wait. karen x


At the moment you have nothing much to go on and as Sandra says you may not get another for ages. I think I would keep an eye on things for a while. Can your local surgery do ECGs? in which case I suggest that you do as I did and arrange with your GP that should you have an event then you pitch up ASAP and get an ECG while it is going on. That way you have something to show and it may not be AF after all.


So sorry this has happened to you when you thought you were ' cured '.

I'm afraid this is not unusual. It's happened to me many times but lasted far longer than an hour. I do so recognise the onset that you describe.

You may well not get another episode for some time so don't panic.

You may want to let your EP know that this has happened . Try to stay optimistic.



Thank you sandra, I must admit I was gutted when it happened thought i'd seen the last of AF. I am trying to stay positive though karen x


Oh Karen. You poor thing. I would personally try and see your EP sooner rather than later and get the wheels in motion for another ablation. For what it's worth, no ECG, either at the surgery or a 24 hour one, ever picked up my AF. Good luck x


poor must just so awful,

its something that's always in the back of my mind...I dread the day if ever !

chin up, hope you get some resolution soon

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Hello....I do know that awful disappointing feeling and my best wishes.

I would get in touch with EP as soon as you can...who did you see at QE Birmingham?

Could you see him privately for a review sooner than later which will get you back on even keel mentally and with a plan.

I see the Birmingham Heart Rhythm group who are all EPs at QE also and are a great support for any concerns like this.



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