Hi All,

Thanks for replying to my post re: cardiac catheterisation. I'm having the procedure done for diagnostic reason for now. I'm hoping my arteries will be such that I don't need stents or such things! Ablation for me is a while down the track. I'm also hoping the procedure doesn't effect the heart in a way it will bring on Afib more frequently. I've been Afib free for over a year just with medication - I kinda like that way!

Once again, thanks for helpful replies and support.



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  • Oh you mean you are having an angiogram. No big deal, local anaesthetic only and you can watch it all on the TV screen over the bed. Just be aware that when they put the contrast in you will think you Pee'd yourself. You haven't but that is the feeling.


  • Hi BobD,

    Thanks for the reassurance! I've had the coronary angiogram x-ray - but my cardio saw a few abnormalities he wasn't happy with so now I'm going for the "invasive catheter in groin and into heart" number! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed!



  • All the best Musetta. Hopefully they wont find anything wrong but if they do, they can treat it. Ann

  • Thanks for good wishes Ann :) Musetta

  • You're welcome Musetta. I had mine in July this year when they discovered a 60% blockage which explained some of my symptoms:- shortness of breath, angina, fainting etc. They've been treating me with aspirin, calcium channel blockers and statins since. Now I'm on a list for another angio and something called a flow wire interrogation - this is to see how much blood is entering and leaving this blockage. If necessary, they will insert a PCI - or stent, as we know it. If they consider the flow strong enough - they'll leave me on the meds. I am hoping that the latter is what they'll find - as the meds I'm on have improved my quality of life already.

    Very recently a friend, who showed very few symptoms, had an angio, and hers showed an 85% blockage - the medics are running her through more tests and it now looks like she'll have to have a bypass. Hope this makes things a bit clearer.

    Best Wishes - Ann

  • Hi Ann,

    Thanks again for your info and reply.

    Apart from abnormalities in the two test I've had done so far - myocardial perfusion scan and and the coronary angiogram (x-ray version) I don't have any of the physical symptoms you mentioned. I always pass the treadmill stress tests with flying colours, but then again I could be like your friend with the 85% blockage and hardly any symptoms. Anyway, I'll have to wait and see what the c.cath will reveal. Fingers crossed - I'm in my late sixties - and not ready to leave the party yet!



  • It's all a process of elimination Musetta. I'm 60 and have no plans to leave either lol. I think that the fact you could even step onto a treadmill never mind pass it sounds good to me - I couldn't walk 3 steps without nearly passing out. I can actually take a stroll now & have no side affects from the meds so feel very lucky.

    Would love to hear how things progress .... Keep positive. Ann

  • Hi Ann,

    I shall definitely keep you informed as to the outcome! Have just filled out and sent off an "adult planned procedure form". The city hospital I'm going

    to has an excellent reputation so I'm fortunate in that respect. Yes, the 3 treadmill test I've done recently, were a breeze but then for the past at least eight years, I have been on 1/2 hour daily brisk walks. Maybe that's helped - impressive for me - I've never really enjoyed exercise regimes in any shape or form!

    ...but there comes a time when past not so healthy life-style comes knocking on the door - mind you better than the grim reaper! If he or she makes an appearance I shall demand a second opinion...



  • I've always kept fit as well - and didn't have a past life - just kids.

    I first noticed it a few years ago while walking the dog. Firstly chest/back pain .... and then shortness of breath and dizzy/lightheadedness. They spent 3 yrs looking in all the wrong places. Yup would love to hear about your journey. Kind regards


  • Will do Ann - Musetta

  • Hi Ann, Just wondering - in one of your replies to me, 3 days ago, you mentioned you had a 60% blockage and your meds are aspirin,statins, and calcium blockers. I'm assuming as a member of this forum, you also have AF? Are you on any anticoags? Have you had AF for long?

    Hope I'm not being too intrusive.



  • No just 300 grms prior to procedures so far. I have a strong feeling I should be. Have only had 1 episode show on my Alivecor -mumble pseudo AF ...but they want to insert a loop monitor as I have ectopic overload - but until they sort the blockage which is at a place called the widow maker - they can't really do much more. So no they aren't treating for AF.

  • Hi Ann,

    Thanks for that - I've just read about a loop monitor - that seems a handy device to record all the heart's rhythms. Hopefully it will sort your "heart hassles" Perhaps when a positive diagnosis for AF is made, either through the loop monitor or ECG, anticoags can be considered. All the best to you.



  • Hopefully, as they didn't use clopedigral last angio & I ended up back in as an emergency being clot-busted. So at least I'm on it prior to this one next. Having had a PE last year and several TIA's as well I think they're not doing their job properly. Only got this far because All on this site advised seeing an EP privately. So only been 'in the system' since March this year. So early days ...x

  • Good luck with all of that... for my coronary angiogram - still a few weeks away, I've been asked to stop any any anticoags for two prior to procedure.

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