Way to ease the strong ectopic beats that feel as though the heart will come right out of the chest

While lying in a restful state these strong beats came at me ,they are quite frightening, I lifted my hands to over my heart and visualised my clasped hands holding my heart as you would a bird securely but gently, anything to stop this beat, but then for some reason I started to very gently stroke the only visible part of my visualised heart the top with my thumbs and thought soothing thoughts " it's alright, you're ok " type of comments and to my amazement they stopped within seconds.. Each time I had them I repeated the exercise and each time it worked. Now I have these ectopic beats much less often and I can quickly soothe them when they come.

It was my consultant who suggested I told others with these troublesome symptoms my remedy, it would be good if it works for anyone else.

Good luck with it.

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  • Wow! Will certainly give this a go. Thank you for sharing.

  • Like I have always said. the mind is a powerful tool. Disease is after all dis- ease.

  • Definitely mind over matter! Thank you for sharing this with us - I will certainly try it if mine return.

  • I will be hoping it helps others and hopefully you will all let me know, Maybe I should have mentioned try to relax your body as well, just let go and breath gently through your mouth

  • Thank you - I wish I had known about this yesterday evening! Will certainly give it a try - I'm sure I wont have to wait too long unfortunately.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely give it a try. The mind is so powerful.

  • Looking at it another way, I've had terrible shaking heart from what I think were ectopic clusters. Real scary. I took an anti-anxiety pill and it worked. So my mind, although no doubt not the cause, was definitely making it far, far worse. I'm certain if you can control your mind (in the subconscious, automatic reaction dept) then it'll help a great deal.

    Interesting post, thank you :-) .


  • I, also have this trouble where these extra beats feel much too strong, sometimes making me double over. Not so much pain but real discomfort, particularly when being woken in the middle of the night. I'm on the list for my ablation and hope that helps.

  • Thanks very much - I get these and the only comfort I've found is in a nice warm hot water bottle. The mind is an extraordinary thing and very powerful, as Bob says, so definitely worth giving a try.

  • Yes I do something similar and it does help.

  • That's fantastic! It makes me wonder how much of the weird things we experience have to do with how we perceive them. Judy, you did something that seems rare - you accepted what was happening and wrapped your mind around it, rather than fighting it.

    Some years ago, a group of Tibetan monks spent the night up in an unheated mountain shelter with only their usual robes. They meditated through the night and not one of them got cold. In the morning they happily walked back down to the monastery, none of them the worse off. The reporter was wearing heavy winter clothing and shivered through the night.

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