Hey guys

Well I'm back and anxiety is at all time high, I've been experiencing what can only be described as strong beats in my chest every so often, when I've felt my pulse it's as though my heart skips a beat then the next one is strong.

I've had 2 lots of tests done my stress test which I lasted about 15 mins getting to 15 Mets, which my EP said stood me in good stead for future cardiac events, and my echo which the young girl who performed it said looked fine, then my EP sent me a letter which said the pumping function of my heart was entirely normal, I keep thinking they're not telling me something,

Do you think these missed/strong beats are AF...and should I go to a&e to get them seen to

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  • No they are ectopic beats and quite normal . Try to stop worrying. Everybody gets than but only we AFers are so focussed on our bloody tickers we notice them.

  • Thanks Bob, they're quite offputting aren't they....

  • I wonder that no one told you that what you are experiencing are ectopic beats. Could have made things a lot simpler and less stressful for you! JanR

  • Ahhh sorry the tests I had were because I had an episode of AF in April, which when caught on ecg also threw up I have right bundle branch block, so the tests were to see if it's something I've always had, or something that's been caused by a problem

  • I know some of us do have heart issues but isn't AF is mostly to do with the electrics and rhythm of the heart rather than the actual plumbing and construction? And then a slightly abnormal heart can still function very efficiently. Or a normal heart with a quirky rhythm. Your tests don't seem to have thrown up anything to be worried about. I think everyone gets ectopic beats and we just notice them, as Bob says.

    I know I'm a bit warped but I do think it must be so cool to be able to say 'I have right bundle branch block'. Must be particularly good when you meet some young doctor.

  • I feel like my heart has swollen up at times and i can feel it pumping against my rib cage, and sometimes it races off, but if its driving u mad that much have a chat with doctor about changing meds, i was on biosoprilol and had it changed to sotalol and the big attacks i have had been less frequent. Still there mind but not as frequent.

  • I recommend you go to YouTube and watch Dr Gupta of Cardiology York. His vlogs are excellent. Really helpful ☺

  • Yes, sometimes it's like someone's trying to hammer a nail in in there, and other times the strong beat seems to be missing altogether. Oh, the joys of AF! I wouldn't like to try to say 'right bundle branch block' after I'd have a few, I have to say - going to go Google that now :)

  • My EP described having right bundle branch block that's always been there as being born with ginger hair......nobody wants it but it won't kill you (apologies to the redheads)

    So these ectopic beats are something I'd have without af.....it's just because I'm aware of my heart I'm noticing them??

  • Sounds as if it might be like that, Juggsy. If you want to splash out, get an Alivecor or similar and when you are worried, take an ECG and see what it looks like. You can then show anything odd to your GP or a specialist. I think Alivecor will give you an analysis if you contact them and you will learn what's a little ectopic that anybody can have and what your normal heartbeat looks like and anything weird will look different. I have an Omron and really like the way it reassures me (and my other half) when my heart sets off. Feels funny, looks almost regular.

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