Alivecor , at last I've bought one

But do I take the cover off my I phone 6 to attach this new gadget , my heart seems to be racing starting at 80 and ending up at 145 ! According to this toy . I know I'm getting these funny ectopic beats after my ablation but I don't appear to be in a fib . I can never find my pulse and now I'm worried . Any tips on this heart monitor would be greatly appreciated


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  • Lisa, I have an iPhone 6 Plus and an Alivecor stuck to the cover! It works absolutely fine.

    I bought this Alivecor built into a cover to fit my last phone, an iPhone 5. When I bought the 6 plus I 'popped' the actual Alivecor out of the cover and attached it with a separately bought 'universal attachment' for about £7. As a phone is difficult to fit into any cover with the Alivecor stuck on, I stuck it to the actual cover itself. My cover is a transparent one comprising of a back and side bumper.

    You probably have a newer Alivecor already to stick on? Is that right?


  • Hi. You don't have to attach the unit to the phone to use it. you can hold it within a foot or so from the phone while the app is running. Thats what i do. As long as you hold it correct.

    Read instructions online.


  • Or basic instructions in the app.

  • I just hold mine near my phone and put it away when I am finished. If I kept it in the case on the phone all the time I would make myself crazy obsessively taking my EKG.!

  • One tip, when I first got mine I held it too tight and then you get a faster reading than you should - I realised my HR was exactly twice what it should have been! So when they say 'REST on your fingertips' they mean it!

  • I use mine with a tablet by placing it close by. After initially getting it I don't use it that much and can get it out when I want to use it. Depends whether you want to have it with you all the time whether you stick it to your phone. I think using it too much would make me paranoid. But that's just me! I have it for when I want it. Heather

  • I'm the same as you with the pulse. I didn't use to have one anyone could find and had constant ectopics. After a few failed attempts, my EP eventually found a rhythm control drug that worked for me and now have a normal, strong, regularly beat :-) .

    By the way, I'm not convinced that any device, even some of the big machine in hospitals, can actually give you a correct heart rate reading when you have this problem. I was on a big one in A&E for hours and my "heart rate" (an immediate reading) was going between 80 and 160 within seconds all the time, but the "pulse" on the machine, which I was told is an average heart rate over a minute, was fairly steady at around 72. That doesn't add up.


  • Yes it does the fast rate is proably your atria contracting and.not all those beats get through to your pulse

  • If you are going to try and catch random events then it is much better to have it attached to your phone since you can get the reading started in about 3 or 4 seconds. If just regular readings then less of an issue to dig it out of drawer, etc. I have mine attached to my iPhone 5s and a screen protector on phone. AliveCor acts as a protective case for most of the way round. Mine has had the bounce test on quite a few occasions including on concrete and pavements and AliveCor and phone have both survived!!!!!!!

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