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Alivecor/Oximeter showing beats I can't feel in my pulse?


Hi all, I recently bought an Alivecor monitor which I use with my Nexus, and a oximeter, because I was curious to know whether my breathlessness was caused by my heart or my asthma. I found the oximeter was sometimes struggling to get a reading when the little heart beat bars were going a bit mad and the Alivecor sometimes shows beats of 150 or more even though my pulse feels fairly steady. I've checked both gadgets on other people so I know they are working.

I'm very puzzled by this so I wondered if anyone has any explanation? I know my heart is weak so wondered if the extra beats are just not strong enough to show in my pulse?

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Hi Buffafly,

Might be an idea to talk to your GP and ask for an ECG to be done, explain your breathlessness/tiredness and the extra beats picked up by the Alivecor. Would be interesting to see what their machine comes up with.


Buffafly in reply to cyrilbarnes

Thank you, I am definitely going back to my GP though did not find her informative last time I asked her a technical question. I think I will have to push to see the cardiologist. My father died was a result of having emphysema and AF and I'm quite keen not to end up in the state he was in!

My heart rate varies from 55 to 150 so I'm doubtful the short ECG done at the GP s will pick it up.


You could send off your traces to the AliveCor people to diagnose. Never done it myself. Cost £5 I think.


Buffafly in reply to Hidden

I did, unfortunately I picked a really frizzly one and they said they couldn't detect a rhythm and suggested I submit a different trace. I thought that told me what I wanted to know really.

Your oximeter is probably not able to take a reading with your bpm so high. Just like blood pressure monitors which also cannot get a reading whilst AF and high heart rate is going on.

As Koll says, make a good recording on your Alivecor and send it off for a fiver. I've done it several times and the result comes back within a few hours.


Interesting, take it it was helpful if you did it more than once.

I think so. Especially the last one as I thought it showed ventricular disturbance but it was diagnosed as originating in the atrium which is not as serious.


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