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Many thanks too all that replied. I have tried it. After consultation he advised 10 sessions to start. When he explained what McTimoney was all about I think he said £30 a session. I was a little surprised when I had to pay all upfront in total £360.( THis is 80% of my monthly pension) With 2 visits a week its only 5 weeks. Sadly I have had 8 sessions with no relief at all in fact my knee is much worse. I will have to try to find something else as I cant afford that again. Its not guaranteed for everybody.

Many thanks for listening.

p.s. My heart rate has increased from 85 to 100 since I started.

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How can anyone know up front how many treatments you need? I wonder if you have been conned to put it bluntly. No way on earth would I pay for treatments yet to be done and that may not be needed!!!

Not the one I go to, but some practices I have been to are very sales-based. I have been to one where they want you to come back and do a whole series of treatments. Last time I just said no after a couple and told them I couldn't come back again. I then got an extra-special session and came out cured. I now always make mine aware (chiro or whatever) that I cannot keep coming back.



Hi Carol,

I'm afraid my feelings on this are the same as Kolls, namely that you have been conned by the sounds of it.

Quite disgraceful that you were made to pay upfront to start with .

This ' practioner ' needs 'outing '.

There are many charlatans about in the 'alternative ' area.

I do hope that you can get help elsewhere. Is your GP able to assist ?

Regards Sandra

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Hi Carol

I use a chiropractor and he is wonderful, I can't begin to sign his praises enough for what he has done to my back and general muscle problems.

I too am suprised that up front the person stated that you needed a course of treatment, my experience has been 1, 2 or maybe 3 visits if really bad, and a preventative visit annually that I think still to this day wards off any problems. But he's more than £30 a session I will say, and not McTimoney.

I wouldn't give up on chiropractors, and if you want to send me a private message I will ask mine to refer you to someone in your area

Be well



Hi Ian

Not sure if you had my reply I would appreciate if you could recommend some one in my area. I live in Newton Abbot,Devon (thats the nearest town )

Many thanks CarolB


No wonder your heart rate when up , you should have told him to take a hike and found one on a pay as you.


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My experience has been the same as Beancounter's but using a McTimony chiro. I'm on infrequent chheckup sessions now. Recommended but not by someone like yours! Hope you find someone better


I have never HAD to pay up front but have sometimes been offered a reduction for paying for a course of treatment - never more than 5 - up front. But only after a full assessment with X-rays, a type of scan which shows up 'hot' spots which can indicate areas of inflammation.

I agree that this sounds like unethical practice and if I were you I would be making a complaint against this practitioner to their professional body, go back and ask about their complaints procedure. As a complimentary therapist myself I find that most poor practitioners get away with unethical practice because of an unwillingness of people to complain.

Never used a McThimony practitioner but had excellent results for spinal re-alignment from chiropractioners, never consulted about knees though. The knee joint is the most complicated joint in the body so my suggestion is go see your GP, ask for investigations and when you know what is wrong you can see an appropriate therapist.


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