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McTimoney Chiropractic

Hello I am a follower of the posts I would like some advice please. I am having a lot of pain in my joints mainly both thumbs and knees left knee being the worst. few months back I received email from GP saying what you see them for and where to go for help with things they wont deal with. Well for aching joints we have to contact the physio at local hospital myself as I couldn't get in I decided to try privately.

Well there is new chiropractic opened and I thought Id give it a try. Its called Vitalistic Chiropractic & Massage they use The McTimoney method. Has anybody heard of this or used it.? I have started but now becoming little unsure of it.

Has anyone on here used this type of chiropractic ??

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I have been using a chiropractor with this method for quite a while mainly for my back. I see her regularly & she keeps my back in alignment so no negative comments from me



Not heard of that one, I go for Acupuncture, fantastic.

Take care,



Hello CarolBic. I only came across McTimoney a few weeks ago when I was referred for lower back pain. I have found it very helpful and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Good luck.


I've been going to chiros (McTimony) for 20 years and generally they've been excellent, but not for everything. Depends on the chiro, mine is very keen to actually help and thta includes telling you when he cannot and I should try something else.

My chiro uses needles for pain relief (it's not acupuncture though). Last time I went was with terrible headaches. He told me to wear sunglasses as I was squinting a lot and it worked.

I have also found that going to a physio has helped in different ways. Either can be better than the other, just depends on what the problem is.


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Yes, I recommend McTimony chiros too (my next appointment is this morning!) Very effective and mine listens to exactly what my problem is and concentrates on that as she straightens up the whole body (as it's all interconnected).


This method seems to opening up recently in several places in my area. I had not heard of it previously.

My wife tried a chiropractor for a back and shoulder problem and the treatment worsened it.

I have a lower back problem of recent origin and while waiting for an appointment with an NHS back specialist decided to try an osteopath. I had the first treatment last week and felt some slight benefit and have the second session today.


Hi Carol, I've been using McTimoney chiropractioners for several years, I've had really good results every time I've been to them, not just for any back problems.

My current one always tells me how many treatments she believes I need at the first appointment each time, and she's always been spot on. You can get a feel for how good a practitioner is by talking to them first, and if they're really worth their salt they won't suggest you keep coming back once the problem's been sorted.

I sympathise with you having to put up with painful joints, not much fun at all, so I would definitely recommend giving it a try,

All the best.


ps I would also recommend acupuncture, also very helpful with joint pain. Both work on the whole body rather than just the bit of it that's out of sorts, as it were.


I would use a state qualifies physio. and then only upon personal rec. from 2 or 3 people I know although my GP rec. my own physio. whom he had used himself ,who sorted out a very difficult problem that had plagued me for a couple of years.Although the problem does return after about 6 months I am completely' cured' for those months.....and usually after one or two sessions.


If it is pain in your joints it could be a number of things, including rheumatoid arthritis - if your joints swell and/or are stiff? Your GP should be able to test for this - a blood test. If nothing shows up - consider chiropractice. I have used a chiro for many years to help with spinal realignment which can cause knee pain, and along with pilates and massage they have all helped me enormously. But as Koll says, like anything else, they are variable so check their qualifications and check their professional membership and get a personal recommendation from someone who has used that particular practitioner before you go.

Chiropractice works with the nervous system and is more about spinal alignment, which includes ankles to neck joints.

Ask about their training and their special interest. If you are not happy with any of their answers - walk away. Hope you get some relief soon, joint pain can drag you down.


I have been using a Chiropractor for 35 years and she keeps my body in alignment and I don't know what I'd do without her. Some practitioners are more heavy handed than others so it is best to go to one that has been recommended.


Read up on true cinnamon. worked wonders for my wife who used to be in constant neck and knuckle pain. All got now.


I saw two different McTimoney chiropractors, when living in different areas, for my lower back problems and was totally satisfied with the treatment and its results. When I moved to Devon and then to Ireland I had to resort to regular chiropractor because there were no McTimoney practioners in the area, whose treatment seems a little rougher, but still does the trick. I found Physio useless, but am now waiting to go to Waterford Hospital Back Care Clinic as Chiropracter is too expensive for me to attend frequently.

Good luck with your treatment!


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